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[1900 to 1950]

1950 Credit CardUSA by Ralph Schneider
1951 Breeder ReactorUSA converted Uranium to Plutonium
1952 Hydrogen BombUSA by Edward Teller's team
1953 Transistor RadioUSA from Texas Instruments
1954 RobotUSA by George C Devol Jr
1954 Solar CellUSA also called photovoltaic cells
1955 Atomic ClockEngland  
1955 HovercraftEngland by Christopher Cockerell
1956 Nuclear PowerEngland first power station at Calder Hall
1956 Video Tape, Video RecorderUSA  
1957 SatelliteRussia Sputnik I
1958 Computer ModemUSA  
1958 MicrochipUSA by Jack Kilby
1959 Lunar ProbesRussia Lunik I passed the Moon; Lunik II crashed on the Moon; Lunik III photographed the far side of the Moon
1960 Heart PacemakerUSA by Wilson Greatbatch
1960 LaserUSA by Theodore Maiman
1960 Weather SatelliteUSA Tiros I
1961 Human Space TravelRussia Yuri Gagarin - the first human in space
1962 Communication SatelliteUSA Telstar
1962 LEDsUSA ? Light Emitting Diodes - used for displays
1962 Venus ProbeUSA Mariner 2 - the first planetary probe
1963 Tape CassetteNetherlands used to record and play audio
1964 Computer MouseUSA by Douglas Engelbart
1965 HypertextUSA for linking text
1965 Optical DiskUSA by James Russell - now Compact Disk
1965 Space WalkRussia Aleksei Leonov - first person oustide space vehicle
1966 Fibre OpticsEngland by Charles Keo and George Hockham
1966 KevlarUSA by Stephanie Kwolek
1966 Moon LandingRussia Luna 9 lands softly on the Moon
1966 Space DockingUSA Gemini VIII docks with an orbiting satellite
1967 Portable CalculatorUSA from Texas Instruments
1969 Cash DispenserTurkey by Luther Simjian
1969 CCDsUSA Charge Coupled Device - to capture image
1969 InternetUSA US military
1969 Manned Moon LandingUSA Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin walk on Moon
1970 LCDsEngland by George Gray - Liquid Crystal Display
1971 E-MailUSA  
1971 Floppy DiskUSA by Alan Shugart
1971 MicroprocessorUSA  
1973 BarcodeUSA by Norman Woodland
1973 Genetic EngineeringUSA by S Cohen and H Boyer
1973 Space StationUSA Skylab
1975 Laser PrinterUSA  
1975 Personal ComputerUSA by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
1976 Ink Jet PrinterUSA  
1977 MRI ScannerUSA by Raymond Damadian
1978 In Vitro FertilisationEngland "test tube baby","Medical
1981 Scanning Tunnelling, MicroscopeSwitzerland produces contour map of molecules
1981 Space ShuttleUSA Columbia was first reusable space vehicle
1986 High Temperature SuperconductoSwitzerland works at -196°C
1990 Space TelescopeUSA Hubble Telescope
1991 Clockwork RadioEngland by Trevor Baylis
1997 Mammal CloningScotland Dolly, the sheep
1999 Digital TV RecorderUSA recording onto a hard disk
2000 Molecular TransistorUSA  
2001 Nano-transistorNetherlands  
2004 Metal RubberUSA? conducts electricity and stretches

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[1900 to 1950]

Key Moments

The USA was the most powerful region at this time. Europe made some contributions.

The period from 1945 to 1989 was known as the Cold War. The USA and its allies were lined up against Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) and its allies. Many proxy wars occurred between the two powers fought on other countries' territory. The war between Vietnam and the USA (1954 to 1975) was the longest conflict of the 20th century. Other long standing flashpoints involved areas claimed by different peoples or countries (for example, Kashmir and Palestine).

The 8808m highest mountain in the world (Tibetan: Chomolunga; Nepalese: Sagarmata; English: Everest) was fist climbed by New Zealander, Edmund Hillary and Nepalese, Tenzing Norgay in May 1953, part of a British team lead by John Hunt.

On 4 October 1957, Russia launched the first object (Sputnik I) to leave the Earth's atmosphere and orbit the Earth. On 19 July 1969, the first humans walked on the Moon (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin from the USA).

In 1992 Pope John Paul II declared that the Catholic Church was wrong to condemn Galileo Galilei in 1633 for teaching that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

In late 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean generated a tsunami that killed over 250,000 people. In 2005 a fierce hurricane devastated parts of the USA, killing thousands. The historic city of New Orleans is virtually destroyed in an event widely attributated to global warming.

Musicians, singers, composers and singwriters born during this period include:

Scientists and mathematicians include:

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[1900 to 1950]