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Hypnotic Rai vocal from north west Algeria.

A lovely west African female voice with a jazz classic.

Mixed West African and Celtic renditions of music from Cameroon.

The bouncy danceable Soukous music of central Africa.

Tarab music which blends Arabic instruments with Swahili singing.

Popular and lively Malinese pop music.

The powerful voice of the Golden Voice of Africa.

The rhythmic music of West Africa.

West African sounds with a reggae beat.

Harmonious music from South Africa.

Americas / Caribbean

Fiesta music from the north of Colombia.

Long standing band from Havana.

The singer, Celine Gonzalez with a rumba from Cuba.

The raunchy Merengue style from this Caribbean island.

Punta music from Central America.

A song about slavery in reggae style.

Singer famous for her feminist and ant-macho songs.

A growling Blues singer from the USA.


Lively traditional instruments from China.

The most popular voice of "Bollywood".

A very popular singer from Iraq.

Haunting Sufi music from central Turkey.


Clarinet playing of the highest quality.

Famed singer of songs who began as a street singer in Paris.

Delightful violin music from Italy.

Melancholy Fado from Portugal.

A mix of Algerian Rai and Indian Bollywood produced in the UK.

The erotic international voice of Natacha Atlas.

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