Vibrant, noisy and brash. London is Europe's biggest city, made up from a number of culturally diverse villages that have fused together to form a grand metropolis.

This is the home of the authors of this web site.

London's history, art, food and street culture have thrilled visitors for generations. Read about the origin of London's place names, its slang, the tube system, its monarchs and Arsenal football (soccer) club. There is also a tourist guide aimed at visitors (especially from the American continent)

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London Essays

Tips for tourists in London (especially from the Americas). This covers sites to visit, language, transport and etiquette. there is a complete section on Indian food.

London is a collection of villages that sprang up and slowly amalgamated into the 1500 square kilometre city of the present. Here we look at the origin of place names in London.

Londoners (some of whom are known as Cockneys) have their own distinct vocabulary full of rhyming slang and unusual words developed in the criminal underworld.

A complete listing of the Kings and Queens of England.

The Piccadilly Line is one of London's most useful Underground railway lines. This is an essay about its history and the origin of many of the station names.

Arsenal (known as the Gunners) are London's premier football club. This essay is a brief history.

External London Links

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London Hotel Guide
Contains information about hotels in London.

London Event Calendar
An online event calendar containing events of interest to both visitors to the area and to community residents alike. Includes a Dining Guide.

UK Travel Guide
A directory of London museums, pubs, and other London activities with links.

Londoners Net
A full site for Londoners and anybody living in London. Includes shopping, finance, TV and employment

Ticket Master
One site for all entertainment tickets in London (Theatre, Film, Concert, Sport).

Visit Britain
Travelling around Britain. This has separate sections for travellers arriving from different places.

The premier TV station in the UK - a very large and informative site.

Private Eye
A look at the latest news storied through the eyes of Britain's most famous satirical magazine.

London Tourist Information
Another site full of information about London, including transport, hotels, sport.

Generator Hostel London
Budget accommodation in London.

Guide to Heathrow
Information about the main London airport.

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