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1709 Hot Air BalloonPortugal by Bartolomeu de Gusmão
1710 RifleNorth America long range and accurate
1711 Tuning ForkEngland by John Shore
1712 Steam EngineEngland by Thomas Newcomen
1714 Temperature ScaleNetherlands by Gabriel Fahrenheit
1717 Diving BellEngland by Edmond Halley
1733 Spinning MachinesEngland by John Kay
1740 Navigational ClockEngland by John Harrison
1750 Jigsaw PuzzleEngland  
1752 Lightning ConductorNorth America by Benjamin Franklin
1757 SextantEngland by John Campbell
1764 Condensing Steam EngineScotland by James Watt - the first efficient engine
1768 Carbonated WaterEngland by Joseph Priestley - the first fizzy drink
1769 SandwichEngland by John Montagu
1769 Steam WagonFrance by Cugnoy - first steam vehicle
1770 Rubber (Eraser)USA using vulcanised rubber
1783 Steam BoatFrance by Joffroy d'Abans
1783 Steam RollerEngland by Henry Cort - for steel production
1784 Bifocal LensesUSA by Benjamin Franklin
1795 Metric SystemFrance world wide measuring system
1796 VaccinationEngland by Edward Jenner
1798 Gas LiquificationFrance Ammonia liquified by Louis de Morveau
1798 LithographyGermany by Aloys Senefelder
1800 Domestic Gas LightingEngland by William Murdoch
1800 Electric BatteryItaly by Alessandro Volta

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[1500 to 1700][1800 to 1850]

Key Moments

Europe continues to dominate but the first flashes of North America and the USA make their appearance.

Physicists born during this period include:

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Astronomers born during this period include:

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On 1 May 1707 England and Scotland united into a single country, the United Kingdom (or UK). Citizens of this nation are described as British.

In 1752, the United Kingdom adopted the Gregorian Calendar, exactly 150 years after it had been introduced. In that year, 3 September was followed by 13 September in order to remove 11 extra days accumulated by the older Julian calendar. Riots occurred as people demanded their lost days back.

The United States of America (USA) become an independent nation in 1776 and would eventually dominate the world.

The French Revolution began in 1789. In 1790 the Metric System of measurement was developed during the revolution in France.

The Spanish founded San Fransisco in 1776 and Los Angeles in 1781.

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A reference for the world standard system of measurement, the Metric System. Also included are values for important physical constants and conversion factors for the few countries that do not use the metric system.

[1500 to 1700][1800 to 1850]