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1800 Domestic Gas LightingEngland by William Murdoch
1800 Electric BatteryItaly by Alessandro Volta
1804 Punch CardFrance by Jacquard - for weaving machines
1804 Steam LocomotiveEngland by Richard Trevithick - ran on rails
1807 Arc LampEngland by Humphry Davy
1810 Precision LatheEngland by Henry Maudslay
1810 Tinned FoodFrance
by N Appert and P Durand
1814 SpectrocopeGermany by Joseph von Fraunhofer
for chemical analysis of glowing objects
1815 Miners' LampEngland by Humphry Davy
1816 PhotographyEngland
by Fox Talbot and Daguerre
1819 StethoscopeFrance by René Laënnec
1823 ElectromagnetEngland by William Sturgeon
1823 Waterproof ClothesScotland by Charles Macintosh
1825 Passenger RailwayEngland by George Stephenson - steam powered
1827 MicrophoneEngland? by Charles Wheatstone
1830 Lawn MowerEngland by Edwin Budding
1830 Sewing MachineFrance by Barthelemy Thimonnier
1831 Electric DynamoEngland by Michael Faraday
1833 Electric TelegraphGermany by Gauss and Weber
1834 RefrigerationEngland by Jacob Perkins from the USA
1835 Mechanical CalculatorEngland by Charles Babbage
1835 PropellerEngland by Francis Pettit Smith
1835 RevolverUSA by Samual Colt - first multi-shot hand gun
1837 Morse CodeUSA by Samuel Morse - for the telegraph
1839 Fuel CellEngland by William Robert Grove
1839 VulcanisationUSA by Charles Goodyear - for rubber
1840 Postage StampEngland by Rowland Hill
1843 Fax MachineScotland by Alexander Bain
1847 AntiscepticsHungary by Ignaz Semmelweis

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Key Moments

Europe (especially Britain and France) continues to dominate with the USA making significant contributions.

In 1801 England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland were united to form the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland. The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 saw Britain beat a combined sea force from France and Spain to consolidate its control of the sea. In the Battle of Waterloo (1815) Britain (allied to Prussia, the modern Germany) beat France, ending their domination in Europe. Also in 1815, the USA beat Britain in the Battle of New Orleans, the last battle between these two countries.

In 1813 Russia took control of the Caucus region (modern Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) from Persia (the modern Iran). In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the USA. In the USA, 14,000 Cherokees were driven from (modern) Georgia to (modern) Oklahoma in an event called The Trail of Tears. Beginning in 1839, the UK forces China to accept opium from the West in a series of conflicts known as The Opium Wars.

In 1830 Joseph Smith (USA) founded a new religion, the Mormons.

Inventors, architects and explorers born during this period include:

Physicists and mathematicians include:

Chemists, biologists and naturalists include:

Writers include:

Artists and musicians include:

Leaders and monarchs include:

Vladivostok was founded by Russians in 1860. The British founded Singapore in 1819 and Melbourne in 1835.

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