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1852 AirshipFrance by Henri Giffard
1852 GyroscopeFrance by Jean-Bernard-Léon Foucault
1852 Safety LiftUSA by Elisha Otis - also called an elavator
1853 GliderEngland by George Cayley
1856 PasteurisationFrance by Louis Pasteur
1859 Internal Combustion EngineBelgium by Jean-Joseph-Étienne Lenoir
1861 BicycleFrance by Pierre Michaux
1862 PlasticEngland by Alexander Parkes
1863 Underground TrainEngland London (Paddington to Farringdon)
1865 Yale LockUSA by Linus Yale - also called cylinder locks
1866 DynamiteSweden by Alfred Nobel
1866 TorpedoAustria by Robert Whitehead from England
1867 TypewriterUSA by Christopher Latham Sholes
1868 Air BrakeUSA by George Westinghouse
1868 Traffic LightsEngland by J P Knight in London
1873 Barbed WireUSA by Joseph Glidden
1873 TramUSA In San Fransisco (called street cars)
1876 Carpet SweeperUSA by Melville Bissell
1876 Four Stroke EngineGermany by Nikolaus August Otto
1876 TelephoneUSA by Alexander Bell from Scotland
1877 Moving PicturesUSA by Eadweard Muybridge from England
1877 PhonographUSA by Thomas Edison - cylindrical
1879 Light BulbEngland
by Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison
1881 Metal DetectorUSA by Alexander Bell
1884 Cash RegisterUSA by James Ritty
1884 Machine GunEngland by Hiram Maxim from USA
1884 Steam TurbineEngland by Charles A Parsons
1885 Motor CarGermany by Karl Benz - also called an automobile
1885 MotorcycleGermany by Gotlieb Daimler
1885 TransformerUSA by William Stanley - changes voltage
1886 Coca ColaUSA by John Pemberton
1887 Contact LensesGermany by F E Muller
1887 GramophoneUSA by Emile Berliner from Germany
played disks at 78 rpm
1888 Drinking StrawsUSA by Marvin Stone
1889 CorditeEngland by F Abel and J Dewer - smokeless explosive
1889 RayonFrance first artificial fibre
1890 Electric TrainEngland London Underground
1890 JukeboxUSA in San Fransisco
1891 Electric KettleUSA for hot tea and coffee drinks
1891 EscalatorUSA by Jesse Reno
1892 Shredded WheatUSA first breakfast cerial
1892 TractorUSA by John Froehlich
1892 Vacuum FlaskScotland by James Dewar
1895 RadioEngland
by G Marconi (of Italy) and A S Popov
1895 Safety RazorUSA by King Camp Gillette
1897 Diesel EngineGermany by Rudolf Diesel - used for heavy vehicles
1897 OscilliscopeGermany by Karl Braun - ancestor of the television
1899 Paper ClipNorway by Johan Vaaler
1900 ZeppelinGermany by Ferdinand Zeppelin - first manoevarable balloon

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[1800 to 1850][1900 to 1950]

Key Moments

Europe (especially Britain and Germany) and the USA dominate this period.

During this period, Europeans and their descendents dominated the world politically, economically and culturally. In the USA and Australia the indigenous populations were mostly killed off in a series of genocidal wars. British, French and (later) Germans occupied Africa, carving up the continent amongst themselves and effectively enslaving the darker skinned populations. Descendents of the Spanish and Portuguese took full control over central and south America, leaving the indigenous people with very little. The British and French took over large areas of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The Russians controlled most of northern and central Asia and Eastern Europe. Germans controlled most of central and western Europe.

Between 1850 and 1864 the T'ai Ping Rebellion in China became the bloodiest civil war in history.

The Catholic Christians approved the doctrine of the infallability of the Pope in 1870.

Inventors and explorers born during this period include:

Physicists and mathematicians include:

Chemists, biologists, geologists, meteorologists, astronomers and naturalists include:

Writers include:

Artists, musicians and sports persons include:

Leaders, monarchs and others of historical influence (1850 to 1874) include:

Leaders, monarchs and others of historical influence (1875 to 1899) include:

Johannesburg was founded in 1886 after gold was found in the region. Salisbury (the modern Harare) was founded in 1890.

The Suez Canal opened in Egypt in 1869. This linked the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean.

In Greece the Corinth Canal was opened in 1893; the Olympic Games were restarted in 1896.

In 1883, the Indonesian volcanic island of Krakatoa exploded on 27 August sending debris 80 km high. The sound was heard over 3000 km away.

In 1863 the Football Association was set up in England, the start of the modern game now played thoughout the world.

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