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Hebrew is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Israel.

The language became extinct except for religious services and has been revived for the modern state of Israel where it is called Ivrit.

Aaron high mountain
Abel breath
Abigail, Gail father's joy
Abraham, Abram, Abe father of many
Adam man
Amos to bear
Asa healer
Benjamin, Ben son of the right hand
Beulah married
Carmel, Carmen garden
Daniel, Dan, Danny, Dana, Danita, Daniela God is my judge
David, Dave, Davy, Davina friend
Deborah, Debbie bee
Edna pleasure
Elizabeth, Eliza, Elsa, Liz, Lisa, Isobel, Beth, Betty, Betsy, Bess, Bessie, Buffy, Libby oath of God
Enoch experienced
Ethan firmness
Eve, Eva, Evita life
Gabriel, Gabrielle, Gabbi strong man of God
Hannah, Anna, Anne, Anya, Anita, Anneke, Nancy, Nina grace
Ira to watch
Isaac, Ike laughter
Jacob, Jack, Jake, James, Jim, Seamus to hold the heel
Jemima dove
Jeremiah, Jeremy high of the Lord
Jessica, Jessie Lord's gift
Jethro excellence
Joel the Lord is God
John, Jane, Joan, Joni, Joanne, Joanna, Janet, Janice, Jean, Sean, Shane, Shana, Shona, Sheena, Ian, Ivan, Evan the Lord has favoured
Jonathen, Nathan God has given
Joseph, Joe, Josephine, Jose, Fifi, Pepe the Lord added
Joshua, Josh, Jesus savour
Judith, Judy, Jodie, Judas, Jude praised
Leah languid
Maria, Marie, Mary, Miriam, Mario, Maureen, Moira, Molly, Polly wished-for child
Matthew, Mat gift of the Lord
Michael, Mick, Mike, Michelle, Miles, Milo, Mitch who is like God
Moses deliver
Naomi my joy
Rachel, Raquel ewe
Raphael healing of God
Rebecca, Bekkie snare, trap
Reuben, Ruben, Ruby behold, a son
Ruth friend
Samson Sun
Samuel, Sam, Samantha asked of God
Saphire name of precious stone
Sarah, Sara, Sadie, Sally princess
Sharon a plain
Shira a song
Simon, Simone listening
Solomon, Salome peace
Susanah, Susan, Susanne, Sue, Susie lily
Tamara date palm
Tobias, Toby the Lord is good
Uriah God is light

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The Hebrew writing system.

English contains many words from the Hebrew language.

This family contains languages of northern Africa and the Middle East. The dominant languages are Arabic and Hebrew.

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