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Latin is the extinct language of the Roman Empire. It is an Indo-European language.

Adrian, Adrianne from Hadria
Amanda, Mandy loveable
Augustus, Gus, Austin dignified, venerable
Aurora dawn
Beatrice, Bea happy
Benedict blessed
Caesar hairy
Candice, Candy white
Cecil, Cecilia, Sheila blind
Clara, Claire, Clarissa bright, clear
Claudius, Claude, Claudia lame
Cordelia, Cordy heart
Dexter right handed
Diana, Diane, Di divine
Dominic, Dom of the Lord
Felix, Felicity luck
Flora flower
Florence prosperous
Francis, Frank, Frances, Fanny French
Gloria glory
Hillary cheerful
Horace, Horatio good eyesight
Justin, Justine just
Lawrence, Laurie, Larry, Larissa, Lara, Laura, Loren, Lori crowned with laurel
Leo lion
Letitia gladness
Lilian, Lilia lily
Lucy, Lucille, Lucian, Lucinda light
Magnus great
Marina, Marni of the sea
Mark, Marcus, Marcia, Martin, Martina, Marlon of Mars
Mercedes mercy
Miranda lovely
Natalie, Natasha, Tasha Christmas
Patrick, Pat, Paddy, Patricia, Patsy, Patti, Trish nobleman
Paul, Paula, Pauline humble
Perry traveller
Petula to ask
Rex king
Romeo of Rome
Ruby a precious stone
Rufus red
Sabina, Sabine from Sabine
Serina tranquil
Silvester, Sly of the forest
Silvia, Sylvan wood
Stella star
Terrence, Terry tender
Una one
Ursula, Orson little bear
Valerie, Valentine healthy, strong
Verity true
Veronica true image
Victor, Victoria, Viki victorious
Vincent, Vinnie conqueror
Viola, Violet violet
Virgil stick
Virginia, Ginger, Ginny chaste
Vivian alive

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The Latin writing system, one of the most important in the world.

English contains many words, suffixes and prefixes from Latin, one of the world's most important classical languages.

This family contains the Latin language and its descendents.