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French is an Indo-European language spoken in France, Belgium, Swizerland, Canada, Louisiana (USA), West Africa, the Caribbean and Indo-China.

Algernon moustached
Alison, Alice, Alicia, Adelaide, Ada noble person
Blanche white
Brice speckled
Bruce from Brieuse
Chantal song
Curtis, Curt courtious
Darcy from Arcy
Darryl from Airelle
Grant great
Joy joyful
Joyce lord
Leroy the king
Lyle from the island
Mabel my fair maid
Mavis song thrush
Neville new town
Noel, Noelle Christmas
Oliver, Olivia, Olive, Ollie olive tree
Pascal, Pascale Easter
Russell red
Tracey path, road
Warren game park

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English contains many words from French, one of the world's major languages.

English contains many words from Norman French, brought to England during the 11th century Norman conquest.

This family contains the French language.