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The Celtic Languages are a branch of the Indo-European family.

They include living languages like Welsh, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and Breton as well as extinct or endangered languages (Cornish, Gaulish, Cumbrian, Manx, Pictish and Galatian).

Aidan fire
Alan, Alain, Alana, Lana rock
Angus choice
Archibald, Archie genuine brave
Arthur, Arturo, Art bear
Barry spear
Blair a plain
Brendan prince
Brian, Bryon noble
Bridgit high goddess
Clancy red warrior
Craig rocks
Deirdre woman
Dermot without envy
Dervla daughter poet
Desmond, Des of South Munster
Donald, Don, Donnie, Donella ruler of the world
Donovan little brown dark one
Dougal, Doyle dark stranger
Douglas, Doug dark blue river
Duncan dark warrior
Dylan of the sea
Enid soul, life
Erin to Ireland, peace
Fergus vigourous man
Fionn, Fiona white, fair
Gareth, Gary gentle
Gordon hill
Guinevere, Jennifer, Jenny fair and smooth
Imogen maiden
Keith wood
Kenneth, Ken handsome
Kermit free man
Kevin comely child
Lloyd gray
Malcolm desciple of Coluim
Neil, Nigel champion
Rhiannon great queen
Rhonda good spear
Rory red king
Rowan red one
Roy red
Ryan little king
Tara hill
Trevor big village
Tristan riot

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