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Gaulish is an extinct Indo-European language spoken in pre-Roman France.

Many of these words came into English via Norman French.

ambassador drive around  
Bohemia   Central European Region.
briar, brier   Prickly wild rose.
bulge hold-all  
bushel   A unit of volume (= 3.637 x 10-2 m3 in UK; = 3.531 x 10-2 m3 in USA).
carpenter wheel maker  
Druid   A Celtic religious sect.
furore   From a Celtic battle cry.
garter leg  
lawn open space between woods  
league   A distance of three miles (7.4 km).
Paris   French city named after a Celtic tribe.
truant beggar In UK used to denote missing school or work ('playing hookey' in USA).
warren fenced area  

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