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The Germanic languages belong to the Indo-European family and include various dialects of German, past and present.

Adolphus, Adolf noble wolf
Albert noble brightness
Arnold eagle power
Auberon noble bear
Audrey noble strength
Bernard, Bernadette brave bear
Bertram bright raven
Bruno brown
Charles, Charley, Chuck, Chaz, Carl, Carla, Carol, Caroline, Carrie, Charlotte, Lotte free man
Conrad able council
Elwin, Elvis, Elvin noble friend
Emile, Emily, Amilia, Amy work
Emma universal
Ernest, Ernie serious
Ethel noble
Ferdinand, Fernando prepared journey
Fred, Frederick, Freda ruler of peace
Garth garden
Gerald, Jerry spear ruler
Gerard brave spear
Gertrude, Trudy spear strength
Gilbert bright pledge
Godfrey, Geoffrey, Geoff, Jeff God's peace
Guy wood
Hayden heathen
Henry home ruler
Herbert bright army
Herman army man
Howard brave heart
Hubert bright heart
Hugh spirit
Imelda entire battle
Leonard, Len, Leonora brave lion
Leopold bold people
Lewis, Lew, Louis, Ludovic, Ludwig famed warrior
Luther peoples' army
Lynn cascade
Manfred peaceful strength
Matilda battle strength
Nelson son of Neil
Otis son of Ote
Randolf, Randi, Ranulf shield wolf
Raymond, Ray, Ramon, Ramona wise
Reginald, Reg, Ronald, Ron advice ruler
Richard, Rick, Dick stern ruler
Robert, Roberta, Robin, Bob, Rupert bright fame
Roger famed spear
Rudolf, Ralph, Rolf fame wolf
Stewart, Stuart, Stu estate keeper
Theodoric, Derek, Del, Dirk, Thierry ruler of people
Ulrich, Ulrika rich and powerful
Walter, Wally, Walt rule people
Warren enclosure
Wilfred, Wilf desire peace
William, Will, Bill, Liam, Wilhemina, Wilma, Minnie desire helmet

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