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Hebrew is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Israel. The language became extinct except for religious services and has been revived for the modern state of Israel where it is called Ivrit.

Many of the borrowed words from this language are religious terms ("amen", "rabbi", "Satan"). There are also several food and drink terms ("cider", "cinnamon") as well as many miscellaneous words.

abacus   Device for calculating.
amen so be it One of many religious words from Hebrew.
cider   An apple drink.
coral pebble  
gopher   A type of wood.
Israel   Middle Eastern country.
Jew   A believer of Judaism.
jubilee ram's horn Horns were used as trumpets during celebrations.
kibbutz gathering Communial settlement in Israel.
kosher proper Applies to food that is fit for a Jew to to eat.
manna   A mythical food from heaven.
messiah anointed The one that Jews believe is to come.
Nimrod   City in Messopotamia.
rabbi my teacher  
Sabbath rest 'Sabatical' is from the same root.
sapphire   Precious stone.
Satan   The Devil.
sodomy   Named after its place of origin.

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