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Hindi is an Indo-European language spoken in Northern India.

Hindi has given to English many clothing terms ("bangle", "sari"), food words ("samosa", "basmati") and words to do with crime ("loot", "thug"). There are many other words.

Please note that Hindi is the name of the language while Hindu is the name of a religion.

bandanna dyed cloth One of many cloth and clothing terms from Hindi.
bangle   Glass bracelets.
basmati   A type of rice. One of many food terms from Hindi.
Blighty foreign UK soldiers' slang for the homeland.
chintz   Painted cotton cloth.
chutney   A side dish for food.
coolie   Someone who does the hard work.
cot   Place to sleep.
cummerbund close waist  
dungaree   A type of coarse cloth.
goolies balls, bullets UK slang for 'testicles'.
Himalaya abode of snow Mountain range in India, Nepal and Tibet.
jodhpurs   Riding breeches named after their town of origin.
juggernaut   UK word for a large lorry. From 'Juganath', the name of an Indian god whose image gets carried around the town in a huge cart once a year.
jungle   Now used as another term for a thick forest.
loot   Stolen goods.
mahout elephant driver  
pukka ripe Used in the UK to mean 'good' or 'right'.
punch five As in the drink - from the five ingredients used.
pundit learned As in a 'sporting pundit'. Used in the UK.
samosa   A spicy snack popular in the UK.
sari   The distinctive wrap-around cloth worn by many women in India.
sentry armed guard  
shampoo massage  
thug   From a Hindu sect ('Thugees') that would kill people for the goddess, Kali.

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