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Sanskrit is an ancient Hindu language from Northern India. It is a member of the Indo-European family.

The words from this language include Hindu religious terms ("ashram", "guru", "yoga"), precious stones ("beryl", "opal") and food items ("bhaji", "candy", "orange", "sugar").

Two words associated with Nazi Germany (1933 - 1945) are from Sanskrit ("Aryan", "swastika").

Aryan noble The same root as 'Iran'. Originally referring to Indo-European peoples; later used by Germany to denote Germanic peoples.
ashram hermitage Hindu religious retreat.
Banyan   Indian tree associated with the story of the Buddha.
beryl   Pale green stone containing the metal Beryllium.
bhaji to fry Indian starter (example 'mushroom bhaji').
brilliant cat's eye  
Buddha enlightended one Founder of Buddhism.
camphor   White aromatic substance.
candy crystalised sugar Used in USA in place of the UK word 'sweets'.
crimson   Deep red colour. One of many colour words from Sanskrit.
ginger antler shaped Root (named after its shape) used in cooking.
guru teacher Hindu teacher.
hemp   Name of an Indian plant used for fibre.
indigo   Blue dye from India.
lacquer   Coloured varnish.
mandarin counsellor Used for a government officer and eventually became the name of a Chinese language.
mantra thought Hindu chant.
musk scrotum After the shape of the deer's scent bag.
Nile blue Egyptian river.
nirvana be extinguished State of bliss reached after all desire is extinguished.
opal precious stone  
orange   Citrous fruit and colour.
pepper berry Aromatic condiment.
Punjab five rivers Indian state; Pakistani province.
raja king Indian king or prince. UK rule in India became known as 'The Raj'.
Singapore lion city Asian City State.
sugar   Sweet crystals.
swastika luck The swastika was originally a Buddhist symbol for luck. It can still be found on Hindu and Buddhist temples in India.

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