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Final English Top Division Football (soccer) Table and Cup Final(s)

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Position Club Points History Notes
1  Sunderland  48 1-3  
2  Preston North End  37 1-5  
3  Everton  36 1-5  FAC-F 
4  Aston Villa  35 1-5  
5  Bolton Wanderers  32 1-5  
6  Burnley  30 1-5  
7  Stoke  29 2-2  
8  West Bromwich Albion  29 1-5  
9  Blackburn Rovers  29 1-5  
10  Nottingham Forest  28 1-1  
11  Wolverhampton Wanderers  28 1-5  FAC-W 
12  Wednesday  27 1-1  
13  Derby County  27 1-5  
14  Notts County  24 1-5  
15  Accrington  23 1-5  
16  Newton Heath  18 1-1  

Legend and Abbreviations
Points: 2 for a win : 1 for a draw. Clubs: Red Relegated
History is in the form A-B:
 A is the number of occasions that the club has been in the Top Division. 
B is the current number of consecutive seasons in the Top Division.
Notes: FAC FA Cup;
W Winners - F Finalists

FA Cup Final  Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 Everton 0


A second level league was formed (with 12 clubs). This was called the Second Division while the original league was renamed the First Division and expanded to 16 clubs.

The three clubs finishing at the bottom of the top division would play off against the three clubs at the top of the second level. The winners of these matches would remain in the top division or be promoted from the second level; the losers would be relegated to or remain in the second level.

After five seasons, Accrington are relegated, never to return to the top division. Two years later they would withdraw from the League. Preston North End completed five seasons in the top two.

Nottingham Forest and clubs that would become Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester United (then called Newton Heath) make their debuts in the Top Division.

The FA Cup final was played at Fallowfield (in Manchester). Wolverhampton Wanderers won the final, their first trophy.

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