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Palestine: The Wall

In the occupied West Bank, Israel is building a wall, declared illegal by the World Court in July 2004. The wall cuts off villages from their fields; sometimes it cuts villages in two. It cuts off tens of thousands of people from their families, schools and places of work. Over 200km of a planned 700km has been built. Its maximum height is 8m (30 feet). By comparison, the Berlin Wall was 3.6m.

Map of the Wall
The wall snakes over occupied Palestinian territory.

The Wall
The wall.
Over 200km of a planned 700km has been built. Its maximum (30 feet).
The Berlin Wall was 3.6m.

The Wall at Qalqilya (Map)
An 11km section of the wall will completely surround the town of Qalqilya. According to the United Nations, over 6,000 people have left the town and 600 business or shops have closed
(as of mid 2004).

Qalqilya Before the Wall Qalqilya After the Wall
Satelite views of Qalqilya in 2002 (left) before the construction of the wall
and in 2003 (right) during the construction of the wall.

School Children
Primary school children walking home from school by the wall.

School Children
School children waiting for the checkpoint to open to return home.

House Demolition
Ana'ta district in East Jerusalem.
One of thousands of homes demolished to make way for the wall.


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