The Acts of the Democracies

Iraq War 2003 : Gallery 1

The bombing of Baghdad. "Shock and awe".

Bombing Victim
Young girl - victim of the bombing. 42% of Iraq's population is under 15.

Bombing Victim 2
Child - another bombing victim.

Bombing Victim 3
A frightened child in hospital.

Dead Iraqi Soldiers
Dead Iraqi soldiers.
Soldiers are fathers, sons and brothers of Iraqi civilians.

Dead Iraqi Soldiers 2
Dead Iraqi soldiers at Umm Qasr.
Note the white flag of surrender.

Injured and frightened civilians plead for help.

Civilian Victim
Injured man with burns in hospital.

USA Flag
Soldier raising USA flag at Umm Qasr.
This was quickly taken down for propaganda reasons.

Bombed House
Bomb damage in residential district of Baghdad.

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