The Acts of the Democracies

Palestine: House Demolitions (Rafah)

In occupied Gaza, over 2,300 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel, making 17,594 people homeless. Rafah, near the Egyptian border, is the worst affected area where 11,215 people have been made homeless between September 2000 and May 2004. These acts violate the Geneva Convention and are a form of ethnic cleansing.

Israeli Buldozer
An Israeli buldozer in Rafah.

Demolished House
Family among the ruins of their demolished house.

Demolished House
Family looking for belongings in their demolished house.

House Demolition
House being blown up by Israeli forces.

Demolished House
Family outside their demolished house.

Homeless Family
A homeless family.

Crying Children
Children crying after their home has been demolished.

Desolation and Despair
Desolation and despair in Rafah.

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