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Up to 2012, Iran was being demonised by the Western media to prepare opinion for an attack or an invasion. The following photographs contrast the view of the country presented by the powerful media in the West with a more human view of the country that is generally not seen by people living in the USA or UK.

To people in the Middle East, Iran (or Persia) is the location of a 5000 year old ancient civilisation. To much of the English speaking world Iran is the source of danger and terror. This is an example of looking at the world through American (specifically USA) eyes.

The Iran of the Media

This is the view that many people in the West get of Iran from their media. It is a country of violence, demonstrations and a warlike leader.

The President of Iran Demonstrating Muslims Glory to the Ayatollah On The March More Demonstrations Arabic Script To Scare Revolutionary Guards Police

The Iranians That Will Be Attacked

This is an Iran filled with ordinary people: men women and children, families taking tea by the river, shopping in covered bazarrs or playing sports.

In an invasion by the USA (with or without the UK) it is people like these that will be killed.

Women Walking In Tehran Children Outside Thier House A Visit To a Poet's Shrine Taking Tea in Esfahan Shopping In The Covered Bazaar (Mall) Craftsman Making Carpets (Invented in Persia) Iranians Ski-ing !!! Iranian Female Golfer Fishermen

The Iran That Will Be Destroyed

It is an Iran of spectacular scenery, blue tiled mosques and stunning historical sites.

In an invasion by the USA (with or without the UK) Persian sites like these wil be destroyed by a heavy handed, culturally ignorant and trigger happy military that has already damaged Mesopotamia and its people.

Persepolis - Ancient Capital of Persia Armenian Church Blue Tiled Mosque in Esfahan

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