The Acts of the Democracies

Iraq War 2003 : Gallery 4

Wreckage of buildings bombed in an attempt to kill Saddam Husein.
14 Christian civilians died.

Al Kindi
Taking a wounded relative to Al Kindi hospital.

Journalists remember two collegues killed
when their hotel was shelled by a USA tank.

Taras Protsyk
Taras Protsyk, a Ukrainian cameraman killed by
a USA shell at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

Saddam Statue
Baghdadis pulling down a statue of Saddam Husein.

Looting Mosul
Looting in Mosul.

Looting Basra
Looting in Basra.

Looting Baghdad
Arms looted from a police station in Baghdad.

Dead Child
Dead 2 year old boy in Basra as shown on Al-Jazeera TV.

Injured Soldier
Injured Iraqi soldier.

© 2003: Reuters, New Zealand Scoop, al-Jazeera TV and Los Angeles Times