Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Season 6

No. Title Guests Villains
101 Bargaining - Part 1 robot Buffy The Hellions
Giles leaves for England. Willow and her friends cast a spell to raise Buffy from the dead. It works.
102 Bargaining - Part 2 Buffy, robot Buffy, Spike The Hellions, Razor
A disorientated Buffy returns to life. Her friends are happy because they think they have saved her from hell.
103 After Life Spike hitch-hiker demon
Buffy confides to Spike that she had been in heaven and had been brought to hell by her friends.
104 Flooded Giles Andrew, Jonathan, Warren
Jonathan and Warren team up with Andrew as Sunnydale's "super villains".
105 Life Serial Giles Andrew, Jonathan, Warren
106 All The Way Giles Zack, Justin
Xander and Anya announce that they are engaged. Justin kisses Dawn before she finds out he is a vampire and kills him. Willow casts a spell on Tara to make her forget an earlier argument.
107 Once More With Feeling Giles, Spike Sweet
A demon, Sweet, causes everyone in Sunnydale to sing their true feelings. Tara is angry when she finds out about Willow's spell. Buffy tells her friends she had gone to heaven on her death. Buffy and Spike kiss.
108 Tabula Rasa Giles Teeth
Tara leaves Willow because of her continued use of magic. Giles leaves for England. Buffy and Spike continue kissing.
109 Smashed Amy Andrew, Jonathan, Warren
Willow casts a spell to return Amy back to human form. The two of them go out and perform magic. Spike discovers that the chip in his head does not hurt him when he strikes Buffy. He tells her that she "came back wrong". Buffy and Spike have sex.
110 Wrecked Amy Rack, Mandraz
Willow becomes adicted to the spells of the warlock Rack. After nearly getting Dawn killed, Willow promises to stop using magic.
111 Gone   Andrew, Jonathan, Warren
112 Doublemeat Palace Halfrek Wig Lady / Lamprey
113 Dead Things Katrina Andrew, Jonathan, Warren
Tara informs Buffy that her molecular structure is slightly different which is why Spike's chip is ineffective against her. Buffy tells Tara about her relationship with Spike.
114 Older And Far Away   Halfrek
115 As You Were Riley, Sam Suvolte Demon
Riley returns to ask for Buffy's help. He is now married to Sam.
116 Hell's Bells   Old man demon, D'Hoffryn
On their wedding day, Xander decides not to marry Anya.
117 Normal Again Joyce Andrew, Jonathan, Warren, dream demon
Buffy's mother, Joyce, is seen in an alternative reality.
118 Entropy Anya / Anyanka Andrew, Jonathan, Warren, Halfrek
Anya gets her vengence demon powers back. Willow and Tara meet and get back together. Spike has sex with Anya as they comfort each other. Buffy, Xander and Dawn see this on a hidden camera (put in place by Andrew, Jonathan and Warren).
119 Seeing Red Tara Andrew, Jonathan, Warren
Buffy is shot and injured by Warren. Another shot kills Tara. Willow's magical powers take over in her pain.
120 Villains Clem Willow, Andrew, Jonathan, Warren, Rack
A grief crazed Willow tortures and kills Warren with her powerful magic. Spike goes to a mystic in Africa.
121 Two To Go Jonathan, Clem, Giles Willow, Andrew, Rack
Giles returns to help fight the crazed and powerful Willow.
122 Grave Giles, Jonathan Willow
Xander finally stops Willow. In Africa Spike has his soul returned.

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