Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Season 1

No. Title Guests Villains
1 Welcome To The Hellmouth   Darla
The Master
This is the first episode. The Slayer, Buffy Summers has just arrived in Sunnydale where she meets her watcher, Rupert Giles. Her secret identity is revealed to computer wizzard, Willow Rosemberg and her friend Xander Harris. Buffy's mother, Joyce, has moved to Sunnydale because of her daughter's strange activities in Los Angeles.

The Slayer is a being with super powers who fights and kills vampires and demons. A mysterious character, Angel, appears and gives information before disappearing. The school show-off, Cordelia Chase, tries unsuccessfully to show Buffy how to be accepted at school.

Vampires can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart, sunlight, decapitation and fire. Darla is the first vampire seen in action. The Master is a very old vampire trapped underground.

2 The Harvest   Darla
The Master
3 The Witch Amy Amy's Mother
The first appearance of Amy.
4 Teacher's Pet   Natalie French
5 Never Kill A Boy On The First Date Owen The Master
The Annointed One
The first appearance of The Annointed One.
6 The Pack Principal Flutie The Zookeeper
7 Angel Angel The Master
The Three
Angel is revealed to be a vampire whos soul has been restored by a gypsy curse. Darla made him a vampire over 200 years ago and they were lovers. Angel kills Darla. Only direct sunlight can kill a vampire.
8 I Robot - You Jane Jenny Calendar Moloch
The first appearance of Jenny Calendar
9 The Puppet Show Sid
Principal Snyder
The first appearance of Principal Snyder, the sinister school head.
10 Nightmares Billy The Master
The Annointed One
The Ugly Man
11 Invisible Girl Harmony Marcie Ross
The first appearance of Cordelia's friend, Harmony. Angel meets Giles.
12 Prophesy Girl   The Master
The Annointed One
Buffy dies and is revived by Xander. The Master is killed. Cordelia learns Buffy's secret identity.

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