Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Season 5

No. Title Guests Villains
79 Buffy vs Dracula Dawn Dracula
Buffy fights Dracula. Buffy asks Giles to be her Watcher again. Buffy's sister, Dawn, is introduced out of the blue.
80 Real Me Dawn Harmony
Dawn appears to be Buffy's sister except to a crazy man who tells her "You don't belong here". Giles takes over the Magic Shop.
81 The Replacement Xander double Toth
Toth fires a weapon that produces a duplicate Xander. Riley tells Xander that Buffy does not love him.
82 Out Of My Mind Ben Spike, Harmony
Joyce goes into hospital after collapsing. This is the first appearance of Ben, a trainee doctor. Riley's heart beat is high after the drugs given to him by the Initiative. Spike dreams he is kissing Buffy and wakes up shocked.
83 No Place Like Home Ben The Beast (Glory)
Giles opens the Magic Box shop. Glory (The Beast) makes her first appearance. She is looking for something called The Key. Glory is very strong and has the power to suck energy from peoples' brains leaving them crazy. Buffy goes into a trance and senses that Dawn is not really her sister. A monk later tells Buffy that Dawn is The Key and it has been given human form and sent to her for protection. All the memories of Dawn have been created to give Dawn a history. Joyce is still ill.
84 Family Tara, Ben Glory, Leiach demon
Buffy confides to Giles about Dawn's real nature. Ben comments on the high number of crazy people being admitted to the hospital. Tara's family try to take her away but Buffy stops them.
85 Fool For Love   Spike, Drusilla, Angelus, Darla
Spike tells Buffy how he killed two Slayers. Flashbacks show how Drusilla sired Spike in London in 1880 and how they along with Darla and Angelus terrorised Europe and China. Spike comforts Buffy when Joyce has to go back into hospital.
86 Shadow Ben, Riley Glory, Dreg, Spike, Sobek
Joyce has a CAT scan which reveals a shadow in her brain - it is a brain tumor. Riley gets bitten by a vampire before staking her. Glory and her minion, Dreg, cast a spell to make a giant snake (Sobek) that will find the key: it does but Buffy kills it.
87 Listening To Fear Ben, Riley Quellor demon
Riley enjoys having vampires suck blood from his arm. Another crazy man says that there is something not right about Dawn. Joyce says the same under the influence of her brain tumor. Ben has summoned the Quellor demon "to clean up Glory's mess". In a moment of clarity, Joyce tells Buffy she knows that Dawn is not her daughter but that she is important.
88 Into The Woods Riley Spike
Spike leads Buffy to a place where humans pay vampires to bite them: she sees Riley there. Riley leaves with his military friends to kill demons in Belize.
89 Triangle Dawn Spike, Olaf
Giles goes to England to ask the Watchers' Council for information about Glory. Dawn overhears something about herself which disturbs her.
90 Checkpoint Watchers' Council, Ben, Spike Glory, Knights of Byzantium
Buffy forces the Watchers' Council to reinstate Giles as her Watcher. Glory is revealed to be a God.
91 Blood Ties Dawn, Spike, Ben Glory, Knights of Byzantium
Glory survives by sucking out human brain energy leaving a crazy person behind. Buffy and Giles tell their friends that Dawn is the Key that Glory is seeking. Dawn reads Giles' journal and finds out that she is the Key. While talking with Dawn, Ben morphs into Glory: they are two sides of the same coin. Ben knows that Dawn is the Key but Glory doesn't.
92 Crush Ben, Spike Harmony, Drusilla
Spike tells a bemused Buffy that he loves her.
93 I Was Made To Love You Warren, April, Ben  
Warren makes his first appearance as the creator of robot girlfriend, April.
94 The Body    
Buffy's mother, Joyce, dies of an aneurysm (blood clot) in the brain.
95 Forever Dawn, Ben, Angel, Spike Glory, the Doc, Ghora demon
Angel comforts Buffy after her mother's death. Ben accidently tells one of Glory's minions that the Key is in human form.
96 Intervention Spike, Warren, robot Buffy Glory
Buffy has a vision in the desert and is told "Death is your gift". Spike has a robot Buffy built to act out his fantasies with. Glory kidnaps Spike but he refuses to tell her the identity of the Key. Buffy is impressed.
97 Tough Love Tara, Dawn Glory
Glory sucks Tara's brain energy making her crazy. Willow uses magic on Glory but is almost killed until saved by Buffy. When Glory finds Buffy and her friends, Tara sees Dawn as a ball of beautiful green energy - Glory knows who the Key is.
98 Spiral Dawn, Tara, Ben Glory, Knights of Byzantium
Buffy and her friends escape from Glory in Spike's van. They are trapped by the Knights of Byzantium and Giles is injured. The Knights tell Buffy that Glory was exiled from her dimension and trapped in the body of a specially created male whos identity they do not know. If the male is killed Glory dies - it is her only weakness. The Key's power will let Glory return to her world but its use will break the barriers between dimensions causing chaos. Ben is allowed to treat Giles. He morphs into Glory who grabs Dawn and escapes, killing the Knights. Buffy collapses into a catatonic state.
99 The Weight Of The World Dawn Glory, the Doc
Willow snaps Buffy out of her catatonic state. Giles informs Buffy that Glory must bleed Dawn to use the Key. The only way to stop that happening is to kill Dawn.
100 The Gift Dawn, Spike Glory, Ben, the Doc
The Doc helps Glory begin the bleeding of Dawn and the dimensional barriers begin to melt away. Buffy, Spike and her friends fight Glory with various weapons and Willow's magic until she reverts back to Ben. Giles kills Ben. Willow's magic also returns Tara's mind to her. Buffy closes the dimensional gateways by killing herself, using her own blood rather than Dawn's. Her Gift is her own death.

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