Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Season 4

No. Title Guests Villains
57 The Freshman Professor Maggie Walsh, Riley, Kathy Sunday
Buffy and Willow go to college. This is the first appearance of Riley Finn and Maggie Walsh. A secretive military group are seen capturing vampires.
58 Living Conditions   Kathy
59 The Harsh Light of Day Parker, Anya Harmony, Spike
Harmony has been turned into a vampire and is Spike's new girlfriend. Anya and Xander have sex as do Buffy and Parker.
60 Fear Itself   Gachnar
61 Beer Bad Parker, Oz, Veruca Jack
62 Wild At Heart Oz, Veruca Spike
Spike is captured by the military commandos. Veruca is also a warewolf; she and Oz have sex. Oz decides to leave Sunnydale because he fears he cannot control his warewolf tendencies.
63 The Initiative   Spike, Harmony
Spike has been captured and finds himself in a cell with other demons. He escapes. Riley and two of his friends, Forrest and Graham, descend into an undergound area where there are military personel. Their boss is Maggie Walsh. Spike attempts to bite Willow but cannot. A chip has been planted into his head making him harmless.
64 Pangs Angel, Anya Hus, Spike, Harmony
65 Something Blue   Spike
Willow casts a spell that makes Buffy and Spike to fall in love and plan to marry. Riley, who likes Buffy, is bemused by this. Willow's magical powers are now so powerful she gets offered a job as a vengence demon.
66 Hush Riley, Maggie Walsh, Tara The Gentlemen, Spike
This is the first appearance of Tara. Buffy and Riley kiss for the first time and later find out each has been keeping secret identities.
67 Doomed Riley Spike, Vahral demons
Riley learns that Buffy is the Slayer and she learns that he works for the Initiative. Spike discovers that the chip in his head does not stop him from hurting demons.
68 A New Man Maggie Walsh, Riley, Ethan Rayne Spike
Ethan Rayne warns that the demon world fears a danger known as 314. This is the number of a secret room in the Initiative's headquarters.
69 The I In Team Riley, Tara Spike, Maggie Walsh, Adam
Buffy is taken to see the Initialtive base. In room 314, Maggie Walsh is secretly overseeing the building of Adam, a being made out of demon body parts. Buffy and Riley have sex while Maggie Walsh watches on a hidden camera. Later, Professor Walsh attempts to have Buffy killed but is herself killed by her creation, Adam.
70 Goodbye Iowa Riley Spike, The Initiative, Adam
71 This Year's Girl Riley Spike, Faith
Faith awakens from her coma. Using a magic token she swaps bodies with Buffy.
72 Who Are You The Watchers' Council Spike, Faith, Adam
Faith, in Buffy's body, has sex with Riley. Willow and Tara make an orb to put the two girls back into their rightful bodies.
73 Superstar Jonathan Spike, Adam
Jonathan casts a spell that makes everyone think he is a hero; only Adam is immune.
74 Where The Wild Things Are Riley Spike
75 New Moon Rising Oz, Tara, Riley Spike, Adam, The Initiative
Oz returns supposedly cured of his were wolf tendencies. When he finds out that Willow and Tara and involved, he changes and gets captured by the Initiative. Riley disobeys orders to help Oz escape. Willow chooses to be with Tara and Oz leaves.
76 The Yoko Factor Angel Spike, Adam, The Initiative
Spike spreads doubt amongst Buffy's friends. Riley finds out about Buffy and Angel's past relationship. Riley's friend, Forrest, is killed by Adam. Riley is called to Adam's lair.
77 Primeval   Spike, Adam, The Initiative
Adam controls Riley because a chip was placed in him by Professor Walsh. Giles, Willow and Buffy combine their powers with a spell to defeat Adam. The Initiative is destroyed.
78 Restless Oz, Harmony, Anya, Riley, Spike, Principal Snyder, Adam The First Slayer
The spirit of the First Slayer attacks Buffy and her friends in their dreams.

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