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Kryss Katsiavriades Family Tree

Father's Siblings


This page deals with my father's siblings: my paternal uncles and aunts, and their children my first cousins. Cypriot tradition forbids marriage between first cousins.

It is the Cypriot custom for children to take on the first name of their father as a surname with a Genetive ending. My paternal grandfather was called Demitris so most of his children (my aunts and uncles) took the surname Demitriou. George (my father) took his grandfather's surname and became Katsiavriades.

Children born in England usually take the father's surname.

The members of this family are living in London, Birmingham, Nottingham or Mansfied in England and in various places in Cyprus.

The Family Tree


Name Living member of family
Name Divorced (legally an ex-member of family)
Name Deceased member of family

1 Grand Parents
 2 Uncles / Aunties
3 First Cousins
4 Children of First Cousins

b born
d died

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