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Mother's Siblings


This page deals with my mother's siblings: my maternal uncles and aunts and their children, my first cousins. Cypriot tradition forbids marriage between first cousins.

It is the Cypriot custom for children to take on the first name of their father as a surname with a Genetive (possessive) ending. My paternal grandfather's name was Stratis. This gave rise to the family surname, Eustratiou, which means "of Stratis". The "EU" in Greek is a diphthong pronounced as EV or EF. The pronounciation of this surname is EF-STRA-TI-OU. Hence the various forms of this name in English: Efstratiou, Ephstratiou and even the mispelling Eustration. Children born in England usually take the father's surname.

The children of my uncle, Kyriacos were born in Cyprus so they mostly tended to take Kyriacou ("of Kyriakos") as a surname. Their children (being born in England) took the same surname as their fathers. Similarly with the children of my aunt, Eleni: they have taken their father's name Jospeh as a surname.

When my uncle John arrived in England, his surname, Eustratiou, was mis-spelt with the final U becoming an N to give Eustration. His three children, George, Helen and Chris (all born in England) took this surname; Chris later reverted to the alternative spelling, Efstratiou, based on the correct pronounciation.

Members of this family are living in England or Cyprus apart from my aunt Maria and her family who live in Australia.

The Family Tree


Name Living member of family
Name Divorced (legally an ex-member of family)
Name Deceased member of family

1 Grand Parents
 2 Uncles / Aunties
3 First Cousins
4 Children of First Cousins
4 Grand Children of First Cousins

b born
d died

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