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Parents and Siblings


This page deals with my parents and siblings.

It is the Cypriot custom for children to take on the first name of their father as a surname with a Genetive ending. My father's father was called Demitris so my father's surname should have been Demitriou. However, for some reason, my father took on his grandfather's surname and became Katsiavriades. More information can be found under my Father's Siblings.

Children born in England usually take the father's surname. Out of my father's four children, two (Kryss and Yianni) kept the Katsiavriades surname. Maria changed her surname to James (an anglified version of Demitriou) before getting married and becoming a Ioannou. The other brother, James, changed his surname to Sparkle which he has passed on to his two children: Rosie-Lea and Midnight-Ray.

My mother's original surname, Eustratiou means "of Stratis" (her father's first name was Stratis). The "EU" in Greek is a diphthong pronounced as EV or EF. Hence the various forms of this name: Efstratiou, Ephstratiou and even the mispelling Eustration. More information can be found under my Mother's Siblings.

All members of this family are living in London, England.

The Family Tree


Name Living member of family
Name Divorced (legally an ex-member of family)
Name Deceased member of family

1 Parents
 2 Siblings
3 Nephews / Nieces
3 Great Nephews / Nieces

b born
d died

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