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Kryss Katsiavriades Family Tree

Father's Paternal Uncles / Aunts


This page deals with my father's paternal aunts and uncles and their children: my father's first cousins. Their children are my second cousins. In Cypriot tradition first, second or third cousins are not allowed to marry.

It is the Cypriot custom for children to take a surname based on the first name of their father.

Children born in England usually take the father's surname.

I know very little about this part of the family or their descendents. Many live in Cyprus.

The Family Tree


Name Living member of family
Name Divorced (legally an ex-member of family)
Name Deceased member of family

1 Father's Grand Parents
 2 Father's Uncles / Aunties
3 Father's First Cousins

b born
d died

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