The 2023 Eclipse: Pre-Eclipse

Interview in Perth

Perth Interview   Perth Interview

Interviewed in Perth by Tracy Vo (Channel 9 TV).

The Campervan

The Campervan   Kryss Driving

We hired a campervan for the first time, completing 2978km from Perth to Exmouth amd back.

The Road to Exmouth (Part 1)

Floodway   359km to Exmouth
Tropic of Capricorn   Stray Animals
Next Services 230km   Town Beach Sign

The road to Exmouth was long.

The Road to Exmouth (Part 2)

T-shirt Maker   T-shirt

Rachel makes t-shirts in Carnarvon. Kryss bought one with indigenous writing and the Moon moving from left to right (Southern Hemisphere).

Director   Talaat Painting   Kryss Painting

With Justine, the director of Gwoonwardu Mia (Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre). Talaat and Kryss helping complete an eclipse painting.

Radio Sound Test   Sunrise Zoom Interview

Kryss doing a sound test for a radio interview (6PR Radio) and doing a live Zoom interview for the Sunrise Breakfast Show (Channel 7 TV).

Janine and Dave

Janine and Dave (first met at the 2019 eclipse in Chile).

Astrophotography Exhibition

At an astrophotography exhibition with the photograper.


Kryss was brethalysed three times between Perth and Exmouth.


Emily Baker

Kryss with Emily Baker (Channel 7 TV)

Live Sunrise Interview   Live Sunrise Interview  
Live Sunrise Breakfast TV interview.
The Sunrise Crew

Christian, Joy, Kryss, Talaat and Mari with the crew of Channel 7 TV.


Meeting friends from previous eclipses.

ABC Interview

Interview with ABC Radio by the Big Prawn.


Kryss giving an eclipse talk in Federation Park.


Kryss with a couple from Exmouth.

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades and Talaat Qureshi
All photos.

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