The 2023 Eclipse: General Photos

Town Beach in the Morning

Kryss and Talaat

Kryss and Talaat on Town Beach under a shelter.

Mobile Coffee

Kryss with a couple selling coffee (met on the road to Exmouth).

Bambi and Ben

Bambi and Ben (met in Chile, 2019) stop to say "hello".


Iranian eclipse chaser.


Making friends with the police.


Being interviewed for Outback Magazine.

Sikh Family

Sikh family from Perth.

6PR Radio Interview

Kryss being interviewed by Steve Mills for 6PR Breakfast Radio (Millsy & Karl).



An out-of-focus eclipse photo.

Beach View

View of Town Beach seconds after Totality has ended.


Perth Family

A family from Perth who shared our shelter.


Three women from the Netherlands.

The Kalli Family

The Kalli family pay a visit.
Chris Kalli was at the 1999 eclipse in England and the 2012 eclipse in Cairns (Australia).
He was also at school with Kryss.

Travy Vo

Tracy Vo interviews Kryss (for Channel 9 TV).


Kryss gives his third live interview for Sunrise Breakfast TV (Channel 7).


Kryss and Talaat being interviewed for a magazine article.

Pink Floyd

Korean photographer who videoed Kryss
for the Pink Floyd 60th anniversary project for the album
"Dark Side of the Moon".


Supper with Chris Kalli and Dhari.



Photo of the stargazing group in Carnarvon.

T Shirt

T-shirt designed by Kryss in London for the 2023 eclipse. Made by The 3 Greens Printers.

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades and Talaat Qureshi
All photos apart from "star gazing".

Gwoonwardu Mia
Star gazing.

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