The 2023 Eclipse: Media


Channel 9 - Interviewed in Perth by Tracy Vo.

Channel 7 (Sunrise) - Interviewed from Carnarvon by Zoom.

Channel 7 (Sunrise) - Interviewed live from Exmouth the day before the eclipse.

Channel 10 First News in Exmouth the day before the eclipse.

Channel 7 News - Eclipse chasers meeting for the first time since the 2019 eclipse in Chile.

Channel 9 in Exmouth (post eclipse).

Channel 10 eclipse coverage with previously filmed clips in Exmouth.

Pink Floyd ("Dark Side of the Moon" Documentary)
Talaat and Kryss feature around 19:30 and 26:50 and 27:30.


Simon Beaumont

Interview with Simon Beaumont of 6PR Radio (Perth) pre-eclipse.

Interview on Town Beach with Millsy & Karl (5PR Radio, Perth) on the morning of the eclipse.
Janine Francis at 1:04:40. Tara Mostafi at 1:07:10. Kryss Katsiavriades at 1:44:16.


The June 2023 edition of Outback Magazine.

Kryss was interviewed after the eclipse by Mandy McKeesick.

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