The 2016 Eclipse: People

Boy looking at the partial eclipse

The Eclipse Group

Eclipse Group - 1 August 2008
The eclipse group after totality.
Left to Right: Iqbal (from Nebula Cottages), Talaat, Rita, Pieter, Kryss, David, Alexandra, Sandro, Yayank (the drivers' son) and Han (the driver).

General Photos on Eclipse Day

On the pier before the eclipse.

Family on the pier, pre-eclipse
Family on the pier before the eclipse.

People from Tete B and Ampana watching the partial eclipse.

The pier five minutes before totality
The pier five minutes before totality.

Watching the eclipse with the foreigners
Watching the eclipse with the foreigners.

David using a colander   David using a colander

Using a colander to project multiple images
of the partially eclipsed Sun (above).

With the local children
With the local children.

With family before totality With Children after totality
Kryss and Talaat before and after totality with family from Ampana and children from Tete B.

Fiddler crab
Fiddler crab.

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades
Group photo, family on pier, Kryss and Talaat with family, David and the collander, Alexandra and Sandro with children, Fiddler crab.

David Wetherall
Before the eclipse on the pier, four photos of local people with eclipse glasses, the pier before totality.

Sandro Rossi
Young boy with eclipse glasses, Kryss and Talaat with children.

Rita Degraer
Rita and Pieter "watching the eclipse with the foreigners".

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