The 2016 Eclipse : Accounts

A collection of accounts and photos of the 2016 Eclipse sent to this web site by e-mail

Dan Huddle and Janet Ha

They planned to meet us in Ampana but their bus was cancelled and they saw the eclipse in Luwuk. They have seen three eclipses with us.

It was a very nice eclipse in Luwuk. No cloud! How was Ampana? We missed you!

Dan and Janet - Totality at Luwuk
Totality from Luwuik (Sulawesi).

Dan and Janet
We met them at Londa in the Tana Toraja region in Sulawesi.

Elly Panontongan

Woman from the Tourist Office in Tentena who was unaware that there would be a minute of Totality in the town.

it was amazing,i don't know how to tell about how i feeled when i saw the total solar eclipse. a big thanks to both of you

i didn't see venus and mercury. maybe next time in other place.. just hope i'm lucky :)

about animal nothing happend to them, maybe just didn't realize what is going on it was. it's a short time. 1 minute 1 second. but all the process from the begining until finish take about 2 1/2 hours.


Elly - Diamond Ring
The diamond ring from Tentena (Sulawesi).
Elly - Totality
View of Totality.
Partial -Elly
The Partial phases.

Kryss with Elly at the Tourist Office in Tentena.

Video from Tentena
A video showing totality at Tentena very close to the Southern limit of the eclipse Path.

Dani and Beauty

Couple we met in Sulawesi who saw the eclipse from near Balikpapan (Borneo).

Hi Talat this is our diamond ring from Manggar Beach Balikpapan with Dani, Beauty, my son and his novia who took the photo


Dan and Beauty - Diamond Ring
The diamond ring from near Balikpapan in Borneo.

Rasyid Pasabuan

Guide we met in Tana Toraja who was taking a group of Spanish nationals to Palu for the eclipse.

Hello Kryss,

It was a wonderful moment to be able to see the eclipse. The whether was so fine that we could see the process of the eclipse. It was a first time I witnessed this eclipse since I was born and I think that you were right all that you have explained to me. I accompany a group of astronomers from University of Polytehnic Madrid. They were satisfied because what they all expected come true. I hope you could enjoy also and hope you will see other eclipse next year.

Wish you all the best,


Bonnie and Tim Leifer

Couple we saw five eclipses with.

Clear skies for you I hope?!

We had clear and then some light scattered clouds, but the clouds didn't matter a bit for totality - could see it all perfectly - corona, those pink prominences (wow!!), etc. Couldn't see any of the planets though. Tim got a good pic of the diamond ring.

And you??? Do tell ...

But we really missed being with you!! For the US I hope we can coordinate! Cheers! Bon>

We should have been with you ...

Totality was the same, but your setting was So Much better! Here by the city we didn't get the dark, the degree of temperature change, or the sunset horizon. All of which - as I realized immediately after and your pics vastly reinforce - are So important to the full impact of the event. Which, of course, you and Talaat have always ensured for us before. Thank You! Haha! Live and learn.

Tim and I both send big hugs right back, and will be thinking of you on those flights ...

Steve and Shafna

Couple who saw the eclipse near Poso. During Totality, he proposed - she accepted

Steve and Shafna
Steve and Shafna.

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