The 2016 Eclipse: General Photos

The Planets

The Sun at the end of Totality - The brilliant Venus (top right) and fainter Mercury (lower centre) are both visible.

Sun and Venus
The Sun at the beginning of Totality with Venus (top right).

Sun and Mercury
The eclipsed Sun with Mercury (top right).


The view South during Totality

At the beginning of Totality

The chromosphere and corona at the end of Totality

The prominence

The corona at mid-Totality

The Diamond Ring

First Diamond Ring
The first diamond ring

Second Diamond Ring
The second diamond ring

Partial Eclipse

A colourful partial eclipse.



Newspaper   Newspaper

Indonesian Newspapers

Brunei Newspaper

The Brunei Times interviewing tourists on National Day

Brunei Newspaper

Interview with Kryss

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades
The Sun with Mercury and Venus, the prominence, newspapers.

David Wetherall
The eclipsed Sun with Mercury, the corona at mid-Totality, the view South during Totality, the first diamond ring.

Rita Degraer
The Sun and Venus, the beginning of Totality, the chromosphere and corona at the end of Totality, the second diamond ring, partial eclipse.

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