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Katherine Everett

Dear Krysstal,

I love your website! It was very interesting. Have been interested in travelling to Tibet and the Himalayan mountains for some time now and am hoping to do so within the next year. Since you have travelled there I have some questions for you and I would be very greatful if you could answer them.

Is it safe for (Canadian) women to travel alone? How cold does it get at high altitudes in summer and winter? how expensive are food and hostels? How far apart are they? Where can I find good maps of this area? How hard is it to get permits to travel near the himalayans, in Tibet and specifically Lhasa? How expensive was your 30 day trip? Do many people speak english? Are there any politically dangerous areas? I would appreciate any advice or information you would have. Thank you for your time.


KryssTal Reply: Hello,

Your questions can be split into two parts: Tibet and Nepal. Try reading the Lonely Planet travel guides - they are good for independent travel. The following notes are for Nepal...

Briefly, It's good to trek with a buddy for safety but not because the country is unsafe. Only trek in the right season (Spring or Autumn). In mountains the weather can change quickly so be prepared. On the standard treks, accommodation is very common - you rarely have to travel more than a few hours to reach it. Maps can be bought in Kathmandu or a good map shop like Stamfords in London. It gets cold at night above 2,500m.

The only danger for a Canadian is being mistaken for a USA citizen and being patronised. Many people running guest houses have been in the British army as Gherkers and can speak good English. Enough people speak it on the trails so you should have no problems. Learn a few greetings and some of their culture before you go. Permits are easy in Kathmandu. Nepal is cheap if you do it yourself once there - may agencies or you can join others.




I'd like to thank you so very much for your pictures, it is soooo kind of you to share your travels with us over the net. I'm trying to do a collage homework, with photos from around the world, and, I must say- your site is invaluable!

From Clemie, Age 12, From Surrey [UK]

KryssTal Reply: Thank you - hope your homework goes well.


Adalberto Nascimento

Congratulations for your beautiful site!

I am brazilian an I would like to see photos from Brazil and South America too. Brazil is a country with persons from every part of the world. Congratulations again and excuse for my english.


George Searight

In 1973 with three friends I did a trek from Daran Bazar to Topke Gola, then down along the Milke Danda ridge to Chainpur. On this trek we had wonderful views of Kangchenjunga and Jannu.

Then we flew from Tumlingtar to Ghat and hiked to Kala Patar (but not all the way to the top!) I took hundreds of slides and just had then all digitized and put on CDs. But I couldn't identify many of the peaks after all these years, which eventually led me to your site. Of course I had to read the whole journal!

You had a great trip and did a fine journal. Thank you for sharing it!

With your permission I would like to include some of your fine photos in my own journal.

KryssTal Reply: Namaste

I'm glad you enjoyed your trek. That part of the world is indeed very beautiful. You may use my images but please credit me. A link to my site would be appreciated. If you send me your web address, I will add a link to your site also.

Good luck

Thank you for the fast reply and your courtesy in allowing me to use your pictures. I will give you credit. You can find my home page at

KryssTal Reply: Great site, old chap!

Two points. The date format MM/DD/YY is only used in the USA - it's a WORLD wide web so best to use a format like DD Month YY. Secondly, you appear to have seen some total eclipses of the sun. Perhaps you would like to include your site on my Eclipse Chasers' Web Ring.


Victor (Mohammed Arman Ullah)

tumi camman acho!..

thank you for the [Everest] trip.. enjoyed it as though i was there with you.

i speak bangali as i have many friends from dhaka and chittagong and was invited by your last president to visit bangladesh.. i still have his book of poems.. and fond memories of all the fun we had. hope to see more of your travels on the net.


Roman Seifert

Hi Kryss,

I'm really glad I came across your Journey to Everest story.

I've been planing pretty much the same trip and your daily planner gave me a lot of interesting info. Would you mind a quick question? I'd like to take mountain bike for part of the journey. I was thinking about stretch between Jiri and Junbesi, but I'm having difficulties with finding info about trail conditions etc. Would you reckon it is a feasible plan or more likely a crazy idea? I don't mind carring bike from time to time, but not all the time.

I would very much appreciate any sort of comments.

KryssTal Reply: Bicycle would be difficult. There are many rickety bridges and the trail goes up and down a lot and it's used by locals and animals.

Walking is such a nice way to see everything anyway.

Hope you have a good trip.


micheline okazaki

While surfing thru the Internet I chanced upon your Sagarmatha trek website. It made for a very pleasant read and tour of the Khumbu. Thank you for sharing your experience. That shot of Sagarmatha from Kala Pattar must've been taken with a 200mm lens. Very impressive! When I return to the Khumbu I shall bring along a 20mm as well as a 200...

KryssTal Reply: Thank you for your kind comments. I have been travelling around the world for many years now (70 countries). My two treks in Nepal were one of the best things I've ever done. You are right about the 200mm lens. I was there in the Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) months so the air was very clear.

Regards and happy trekking...


Irwan Kusdaradjat Kurnaedy

I really enjoyed your site, Thank You...

Check out this information regarding budhis temple (religious site)

KryssTal Reply: Thank you - I visited Borobudur in 1983 (when there was a total solar eclipse there) and in 1992. I will check out the site.


Ivan M. King

Att. Pres.

We want to buy from you for distribution into Holland. We are in the United States at the office that works with our association. You can contact us at 732-247-3173.

We are financially sound and need no credit from you.

Best Regards

KryssTal Reply: I don't sell anything. I think you have the email equivalent of the wrong number!


ian cumming

Hi Khrys,

I recently got back from Nepal. Have a look at


KryssTal Reply: Enjoyed the pictures! You did the Everest trek that I did in 1990. On that trip, I flew from London to Bangladesh for a month and from there to Nepal. I spent a month on the Everest trek including a visit to Gokyo Peak, ten days overlanding to Lhasa, the Tibetan capital and the Annapurna trek. Four months later I was back in London.

Between February and June 1998 we will be in Venezuela (seeing the total eclipse of the sun on 26 Feb), Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

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