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This WebRing is for sites that contain information, stories, photographs, tips about
Total Eclipses of the Sun.


There are three steps to join The Eclipse Chasers' WebRing:

Step 1

Fill in the form below and submit it. Enter your FULL web address. Include the http://www part otherwise the webring software will not recognise it. This will put your site into a queue for the Eclipse Chasers' WebRing.

Step 2

You will receive an E-mail which will include a piece of HTML code (see yellow box below). The Name, E-mail and Site ID will be configured for your site. This HTML code will need to be added to the bottom of your web page. Add it to the web page listed in the form. If you have problems, the code in the yellow box below can be utilised with the items in red replaced by your personal and site details.

Next, copy the two images on the web ring logo at the bottom of this page. This can be done by moving the mouse over the Eclipse Chasers Web Ring and Next Site images. Right click on the images. Select Save Picture As... from the pop-up menu. Save the images on your computer. They must be uploaded onto your internet server with your amended web page.

Step 3

The RingMaster will check your site for suitable content and correctly placed HTML code. If all is fine, your site will be added to the Eclipse Chasers' WebRing.

Please note that this web ring is International.

Dates are a potential problem. The date 11th August 1999 is written in USA as 08/11/99 whereas in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia it is written as 11/08/99.

It is best not to use this ambiguous form.

Quote all times with a time zone since readers can be in any of 200 or so countries. If you are not using metric units please add an equivalent in metric since the vast majority of the world use this system.

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