Un-named Child Victim in Fallujah, Iraq

Civilian Victims of
USA Foreign Policy

Up to 2011

This page is dedicated to all victims of terrorist violence from whatever source.


Do not simply believe anything on this web site - always check for yourself.
Treat the stories and quotes in these pages as pointers to find out more.
Learn to think for yourself and check all information.

Many of the figures are inexact or unknown but will be updated as information becomes available.

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USA victims of terrorism are extensively publicised in the Western media. Their photos are shown, their relatives interviewed, their lives mourned. On 11 September 2002, the first anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington, people in London (UK) were instructed by our government to observe 2 minutes of silence.

This web site has no problem with mourning and honouring innocent victims of violence. However, we believe that the majority of the world's victims of violence are ignored. Their pictures are never shown, their names often unknown, their lives and deaths ignored.

This page is part of the section that attempts to answer the question

"Why is the USA resented around the world?"

As such, it is an incomplete list of the victims of USA foreign policy. The USA is responsible if it directly attacks or bombs another country. It is responsible if it unilaterally imposes economic sanctions that kill. It is also responsible if it arms, trains and supports regimes that violate human rights.

This list does not include the victims of colonial powers such as the UK, France or the Netherlands. It does not include oppression by countries not under USA control (the Soviet Union and its allies, countries like Syria, Iran after 1979, South Africa in its internal policies) or of groups like the IRA (UK), ETA (Spain) or the PLO (Israel).

The latter is not evidence of anti-Semitism. Indeed, the Arabs are a Semitic people like the Jews. Israel obtains money, arms and political support from the USA. Most of the weapons used against Palestinian civilians are of USA origin. The Palestinians get no political or military support from the USA. Israel is in control of the territory and as the occupying power has governmental responsiblities.

These pages do not attempt to offer a solution but merely to provide information.

Period Country USA Policy Details Civilians Killed
1945 South KoreaSupport for massacre of dissidents on Cheju Island. 100,000 +
1948 VietnamSupport of French efforts to recolonise. thousands
1950 BahamasBiological tests (with Canada and UK). unknown
1950 KoreaStopping refugees crossing the front line. hundreds
1952 CubaSupport for military coup and death squads. thousands
1952 Korea
Biological warfare. unknown
1954+ GuatemalaOrganisation of military coup; arming and training of government death squads. 100,000 +
1957+ HaitiSupport for brutal dictatorship. 60,000
1962 CubaAttack on industrial facility. 400
1963 IraqSupplying military government with lists of dissidents to be eliminated. thousands
1964 North VietnamBlanket bombing. unknown
1964 BrazilSupport for brutal dictatorship. 75,000 +
1965 IndonesiaSupplying government with lists of dissidents to be eliminated. thousands
1965 to 1973 LaosBlanket bombing. hundreds of thousands
1965 PeruSetting up military camps to eliminate dissidents. unknown
1967 Vietnam"Friendly Fire". 80
1968 VietnamMy Lai Massacre by USA troops over 200
1970 VietnamChemical warfare. thousands
1970 LaosChemical warfare. Over 100
1971 VietnamMilitary action. 5,000
1972 VietnamBlanket bombing. unknown
1972 Lebanon
Air attacks by Israel supported by the USA. hundreds
1973 ChileOrganisation and support of military coup and its follow-up actions. 5,000
1969 to 1973 CambodiaBlanket bombing, mostly in secret. 600,000
1964 to 1975 Vietnam
Blanket bombing. 2,500,000 +
1939 to 1975 SpainFinancial support for brutal dictatorship. 192,684
1975 to 1979 CambodiaKhmer Rouge auto-genocide resulting from five years of secret bombing. 2,500,000 +
1975 to 1999 East TimorSupport and arming of Indonesian invasion and genocide (with UK and Australia). 200,000
1975 IraqAbandoning of former Kurdish allies. unknown
1976 NicaraguaMassacre of dissidents by supported and armed un-elected government. thousands
1978 LebanonSupporting of invasion by Israel. 700
1978+ GuatemalaArming, training and support of government death squads. 20,000
1953 to 1979 IranSupport and finance for unelected, brutal government put in place by USA and UK. unknown
1979 NicaraguaSupport and arming of unelected, brutal government put in place by USA. 30,000
1980 to 1992 El SalvadorTraining, arming and financial backing for government death squads. 75,000
1980 to 1990 IranSupport and arms for invasion by Iraq. 1,000,000
1980 ItalySupport and finance for urban terrorists. 86
1980 South KoreaMassacre of dissidents by military government armed and supported by USA. thousands
1981 LebanonSupport of bombing raids by Israel. 320
1982 LebanonSupport for invasion by Israel including use of UN veto. 17,500 +
1982 to 1990 ChadTraining and arming of military regime. thousands
1982 to 1986 GuatemalaSupport and arming of brutal, military regime. 50,000 +
1983 GrenadaInvasion to remove leader. 500
1976 to 1984 ArgentinaSupport and finance for military regime. 30,000
1986 NicaraguaSupport and arming of former government troops for destabilisation. 50,000
1986 LibyaMilitary attack on oil installations. 70 +
1987 to 1992 Palestinian TerritoriesSupport and finance for occupation and settlement building by Israel. 1000 +
1983 to 1987 LebanonSupport and arms for military action by Israel and CIA sponsored terrorism. 50,000 +
1988 IranShooting down of commercial passenger airliner. 286
1988 IraqSupport (with UK), finance and arms for regime which uses poison gas on its Kurdish population. 6,000
1989 PanamaInvasion to remove leader. 4,000 +
1991 IraqInvasion (with UK and other countries). 200,000
1992 SomaliaInvasion. 7,000
1974 to 1992 AngolaArming and support for rebels destabilising country. 650,000 +
1986 to 1994 ColombiaFinance (with UK oil companies) and support for regime that kills dissidents. 20,000 +
1995 to 1998 TurkeyArms and finance for regime that kills dissidents and its Kurdish population. 27,000 +
1995 MexicoMilitary aid to supress dissidents. unknown
1996 LebanonArms and support for Israel in its occupation. 120
1996 Palestinian TerritoriesArms and finance for Israeli occupation. 80 +
1997 RwandaArms and finance for regime that kills dissidents. 6,000
1965 to 1997 IndonesiaArms, support and finance for brutal dictatorship. 1,000,000
1990 to 1997 IraqPressure on UN to impose and maintain sanctions and bombing raids (with UK support). 1,200,000 +
1998 AfghanistanFinance (with UK) for brutal Taliban government. 2,000 +
1998 SudanBombing. unknown
1986 to 1998 GuatemalaSupport, finance and arms for regimes that kill dissidents. 200,000
1999 YugoslaviaBombing (with other NATO countries). thousands
1999 IraqBombing (with UK support). hundreds
1991 to 1999 Kuwait
Unexploded cluster bombs. 1,620
2000 Palestinian TerritoriesSupport, arms and finance for occupation and settlement building by Israel. hundreds
2001 ColombiaArms and training for regime that kills dissidents. 18
2001 Palestinian TerritoriesSupport, arms and finance for occupation and settlement building by Israel. hundreds
2001 Palestinian TerritoriesEthnic cleansing. 100 +
2001 AfghanistanBombing (with UK). 3,760 +
1995 to 2001 PeruHelping military shoot down aircraft suspected of drug running. unknown
2002 Palestinian TerritoriesPolitical support, finance and arms. hundreds
2002 AngolaIntelligence. unknown
2002 IraqBombing (with UK). unknown
2002 YemenMissile attack on vehicle. 6
2003 AfghanistanSupport for war lords. 300 +
2003 AlgeriaFinacial and military support for unelected government. hundreds
2003 IraqInvasion (with UK). 17,000 +
2003 BoliviaSupport for government that is crushing economic dissent. 40
1976 to 2003 IndonesiaSupport for government suppressing minorities in Aceh province. 12,000 +
2003 Palestinian TerritoriesPolitical support, finance and arms. hundreds
2003 UzbekistanSupport for dictator. unknown
2004 Palestinian TerritoriesPolitical support, finance and arms. 1,400 +
2003 to 2007 IraqInvasion and Occupation (with UK). 655,000 +
2006 Palestine, LebanonPolitical support and arms. (with UK). 1,300 + (to August)
2006 HaitiRemoval of elected government. (with France). 8,000 + (to September)
2007 SomaliaRemoval of government. (with Ethiopia). 2,000 +
2008 PalestinePolitical support for siege and killings. 700 +
2009 PalestinePolitical support and arms. 1,300 +
2008 to 2011 PakistanUnmannded drone attacks. 2,000 +

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Amnesty International, 1996 from "Human Rights and USA Security Assistance":

"Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed or 'disappeared', at the hands of governments or armed political groups. More often than not, the United States shares the blame."

Alfredo Vásquez Carrizosa, president of the Colombian Permanent Committee for Human Rights:

"Violence [in Colombia] has been exacerbated by external factors. In the 1960s the United States, during the Kennedy administration, took great pains to transform our regular armies into counterinsurgency brigades, accepting the new strategy of death squads."

"[These initiatives] ushered in what is known in Latin America as the National Security Doctrine, not defence against an external enemy, but a way to make the military establishment the masters of the game [with] the right to combat the internal enemy, as set forth in the Brazilian doctrine, the Argentine doctrine, the Uruguayan doctrine, and the Colombian doctrine: it is the right to fight and to exterminate social workers, trade unionists, men and women who are not supporters of the establishment, and who are assumed to be communist extremists. And this could mean anyone, including human rights activists such as myself."

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