The Acts of the Democracies





The military dictatorship in Argentina ends after an abortive attempt to invade the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas in Spanish).

Most of the perpetrators of the Dirty War are pardoned. Over 30,000 people died or disappeared during the military rule. Hundreds of live prisoners were thrown from helicopters and planes. The Families of the Disappeared Commission estimates that $70,000,000 was made from selling the property - and even the children - of the people killed by the regime.

Julian Simon (known as The Turk), identified with 58 cases of torture but suspected of many more, says:

"I don't regret torturing and killing. If I was given a cause I believed in I would torture again. It is my profession. That is where my experience lies. I am not a dangerous man to normal people. I don't kill without a contract. But there are still too many leftist influences, too many intellectuals and too much scum in the country. If someone told me to take them out, I'd do it."

Under the military government, subsidiaries of Western multinational companies had borrowed billions of dollars from western banks. These debts were then conveniently nationalised by the compliant government. This means that Argentina took on the debt. As a result, the public debt rose from $ 7,800 million in 1975 to $ 46,000 million in 1984.

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