The 2012 Eclipse: People

The Eclipse Group (Post-Totality)

Eclipse Group
The eclipse group with the lady in the dressing gown (left).

Eclipse Group
The eclipse group. 21 came by bus (the airport shuttle) and the rest had cars.

Eclipse Day - The Night Before

Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the bus (specially chartered airport shuttle) at 3:30am.
Arrival in the dark
Arrival at the eclipse site in the dark.

We saw the Southern Cross in the South.
We saw Leo in the North East but it was almost "upside down".

Pre-sunrise Waiting
Waiting for the sun to rise (Costas, Maria, Demetra, Mari).

Eclipse Day

Setting Up
Talaat setting up.
Watching the Partial Eclipse
Watching the Partial Eclipse (Cindy and Allan).

Eclipse Day - Special People

Anthony walked to the eclipse site from Cairns (12km).
Lady with the dressing gown
The lady with the dressing gown.
She loaned Kryss a raincoat when it rained.

Eclipse Day - Kryss and Talaat

Kryss and Talaat with family and Helen
Kryss, Helen (from the Travelers' Oasis), Maria (Kryss' sister),
Demetra and Costas (Kryss' cousins) and Talaat.
Kryss and Talaat with Archibalds and Leifers
Cindy, Allan, Kryss, Mari, Bonnie, Talaat and Tim.

Kryss and Talaat
Kryss and Talaat.

Eclipse Day - Local People

Tim with a group of locals
Tim with a group of local residents.

Two Women
Two women.

Group of Boys
Group of boys.
Group of Girls
Group of girls.

Photo Credits

Talaat Qureshi
Group photos. Stargazing photos. Waiting for the sunrise. Kryss and Talaat with friends. Kryss and Talaat.

Maria Ioannou
Waiting for the bus. Kryss and Talaat with Helen and family.

Tim Leifer
Arrival at the eclipse site. Talaat setting up. Ecstacy. Group of boys. Group of girls.

Cindy Lai
Watching the partial eclipse.

Kryss Katsiavriades
Anthony. Lady with the dressing gown.

Silvio Biaggi
Tim with a group of local residents. Two women.

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