The 2012 Eclipse: General Photos

Machans Beach

Machans Beach
Machans Beach from the air with the eclipse site (Arrow) at its northern end.
Holloways Beach, to the north, is on the other side of a creek.

Machans Beach   Machans Beach
Machans Beach, the eclipse site. The road ends at a creek.

No Swimming
Machans Beach is no place to go for a swim.

People on nearby Holloways Beach.

Post-eclipse traffic into Cairns.

The Partial Phases

Partial   Partial
The partially eclipsed Sun produces crescent images when its light passes through narrow slits.


Totality   Totality
The beginning of Totality.

Coronal Streamers
The eclipsed Sun and cloud.

The corona with streamers caused by the Sun's magnetic field.

Totality Over the Sea
Totality Over the Sea.

The Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring   Diamond Ring
The Diamond Ring at the end of Totality.

Diamond Ring
The Diamond Ring.




Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades
Machans Beach from the air. "No Swimming" sign. Newspaper.

Talaat Qureshi
Machans Beach photos.

Mari Laxmi von Hoffmann
Holloways Beach. Television.

Tim Leifer
Post-eclipse traffic. Partially eclipsed Sun.

Rachel van Balen
Images of partially eclipsed Sun through slits.

Silvio Biaggi
The beginning of Totality. Diamond ring (upper left).

Annemiek Bergmans
The eclipsed Sun with clouds.

Dominic Venables
The corona with streamers. Diamond ring (lower).

Maria Ioannou
Totality Over the Sea.

Bonnie Leifer
Diamond ring (upper right).

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