The 2024 Eclipse: People

Kryss and Talaat (During Totality)

Kryss and Talaat photographing Totality.

Bob and Kate Swindell (After Totality)

Bob and Kate Swindell bringing out sparkling wine after totality.

Eclipse People (Ben and Bambi)

Bambi and Ben were at the Chile 2019 and Australia 2023 eclipses. This is from a catamaran ride we did post-eclipse.

This is after we went to see a theatre show featuring a famous tenor born in Mazatlan.

This is Kryss and Talaat with the Mazatlan tenor, Carlos Osuna.

Eclipse People (Joy and Family)

Joy (right) with young family friend. Joy was at the Chile 2019 and Australia 2023 eclipses.

Joy brought ten members of her family to see the 2024 eclipse.

Eclipse People (Janine and Family)

Janine and family. Janine was at the Chile 2019 and Australia 2023 eclipses.

Eclipse People (The Pollos)

Jesus (Pollo) and Dolali were part of the Mazatlan Astronomical Society.
They included us in many activities and made us feel very welcome.

Eclipse People (Sechim)

Sechim giving a talk about eclipses in art.

Sechim (next to Kryss) at his apartment with friends about to eat an Indian lunch.

Eclipse People (Miscellanious)

Tara (left) and Afsheen (right). Both were at the Chile 2019 and Australia 2023 eclipses.
In the centre is Renee who helped many people find accommodation and transport in Mazatlan.

Dave (left) with Kryss.
Dave was our "collander man" at the Sulawesi (Indonesia) 2016 and Chile 2019 eclipses.

A group of eclipse chasers we met in Old Mazatlan including Stephen (right) who I had been in contact with over several years.

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades
Photos of Bambi and Ben, Carlos Osuna, Joy (and family), Janine, Sechim.

Talaat Qureshi
Photo of Bob and Kate.

Bob Swindell
Kryss and Talaat during totality.

Stephen Bedingfield
Group photo in Old Mazatlan.

Joy Daniels
Tara, Afsheen and Renee, Dave and Kryss, the Pollos.

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