The 2015 Eclipse:
General Photos and Accounts

Presentation About The Eclipse

Kryss describing past eclipses on the ferry. Video below.

Kryss discussing eclipses in general.

The Ferry Journey

Passing the Shetland Islands (UK) at sunset.

A North Sea oil rig.

Kryss and Talaat

Kryss on the ferry enjoying supper with one of the crew.

Talaat in Torshavn getting an eclipse poster signed by the artist.

The Library at Torshavn

Kryss using the free internet access in the public library in Torshavn.

Kryss and Talaat are the proud owners of a Torshavn library card.
Our local address was the Smyril Line ferry at Torshavn Harbour

Eclipse Day - Bad Photo

Some photos taken during totality go wrong.

Video - Eclipse Presentation by Kryss

Kryss making a presentation on the Smyril Line ferry prior to the eclipse.


Star map in the Faroese language at a museum in Torshavn.

Eclipse stamp franked on eclipse day.

Post-eclipse newspaper.

A few weeks later Talaat selects a horse called Many Clouds for the Grand National for a 50p stake at 33-1. It comes first.

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades and Talaat Qureshi
All photos.

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