The 2013 Eclipse: General Photos

Eclipse Day - Pokwero

Eclipse Banner

Eclipse banner at the Pokwero turn-off at Pakwach.

Totality over the crowds

Totality over the crowds.

Eclipse Day - Totality

The Corona

Totality with the magnificent corona.

Diamond ring with corona

Diamond ring with corona.

Diamond ring and chromosphere

Diamond ring and chromosphere.

Eclipse Day - Partial Phases

Partial Eclipse

The partial eclipse.

Eclipse Day - Local People

Two Boys

Two boys with eclipse glasses.
Queuing Telescope

Queuing to look through a telescope.

Eclipse Day - Kryss

Kryss with the Minister of Tourism

Kryss giving eclipse information to the Minister of Tourism, Maria Mutagamba.
Kryss with the Minister of Tourism

Kryss with the Minister of Tourism.

Kryss being interviewed for Channel 44
Kryss being interviewed for Channel 44
(Channel 44 Report on YouTube)

Kryss and Lukasz

Kryss and Lukasz at their first eclipse together.
The eclipses of 2009 and 2012 were experienced separately.
Kryss and Ellen

Kryss and Ellen both at their 14th total eclipse.

Kryss meeting Jay Anderson for the first time.
Jay Anderson produces the eclipse weather reports used by eclipse chasers.

Kryss giving a donation collected from all the eclipse chasers to the village elders.

Eclipse Day - Newspaper


The President of Uganda on the cover of the next day's newspaper.

Photo Credits

Kryss Katsiavriades
Eclipse banner. Kryss with Lukasz, Ellen and Jay Anderson. Two Boys. Queuing for the Telescope. Donation.

Charlotte Beauvoisin, author of the Diary Of A Muzungu blog. She has also written for the Daily Telegraph.
Totality over the crowds. Kryss with the Minister of Tourism. Kryss being interviewed.

John Macdonald
Totality with magnificent corona. Diamond ring and chromosphere.

Fabian Krokan
Diamond ring with corona. The partial eclipse.

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