The 2009 Eclipse: General Photos


The Night Before

At the Beehome Hostel, Shanghai   At the Beehome Hostel, Shanghai
The night before the eclipse in the Beehome Hostel, Shanghai.

Jinshan Beach

Transport to Jinshan.

Talaat arriving at Jinshan

Talaat arriving at Jinshan.

The beach at Jinshan

Jinshan Beach with the group on the left.

Setting Up

Setting up   Setting up

Setting up

Setting up   Setting up

Setting up for the eclipse.

Around Jinshan

Drink sellers
Drink sellers.

Groups on Jinshan Beach.

Relaxed and prepared.

More groups.



Kryss during totality
Kryss during the 5m 54s of Totality (looking worried)

Post-Totality Rain

Rain after totality
Fifteen minutes after Totality, it poured with rain.

Talaat in the rain

Talaat leaving Jinshan.



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