The 1999 Eclipse: Pre-Eclipse

Including the week before the eclipse in Cornwall

Easter in Cornwall

Cornish Coast
The Cornish coast.

Tin Mine
Tin mine.

Kryss and Newspapers

Letter to Independent
Letter to the Independent by Kryss
Wall Street Journal
Kryss interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

Filming a Discovery Channel Short

Discovery - Studio
In the studio in London.

Discovery - Miriam Margoles
The actor, Miriam Margoles, passes by during filming near Dover, Southern England.

Filming on Hampstead Heath in London.

Eclipse Week in Cornwall

Eclipse Sign
Eclipse sign.

Eclipse Advert
Eclipse advert.

Kallis and Hajigeorgious
The Kallis, Hajigeorgious and Wards with Bob and John.

The Boys
Bob, Kryss, Chris and John (school friends).

Kryss and Bob
Kryss and Bob had talked about Cornwall 1999 since they were boys.

At The House In Perenporth

Perenporth House 1
Checking equipment at the house the day before the eclipse.

Perenporth House 2
Group photo.

Eclipse Day

After a week of sunny weather, eclipse day is cloudy.

Tea Time
Tea time.

Small Group
Small group.

Eclipse Book
Eclipse book.

The Kids
Midnight, Yasmin, Rosie-lea and Ben.

Talaat gets into position.

Adam and Emma
Emma and Adam have a snack.

The Mitchells.

Bob and his telescope.

The group.

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