The 1988 Eclipse: People

1988 People 1
City Hall post eclipse.
Kryss, Ken (also 1983 eclipse), Patrick (also 1991 eclipse)

1988 People 2
City Hall post eclipse.
Kryss and Ken with a group of observers. Jojo (who took me to the radio station) is third from the left.
Salvacion (our guide for the day) is between Kryss and Ken. If you recognise yourself let me know your name.

1988 People 3
City Hall post eclipse.
Kryss with the soldiers guarding City Hall on eclipse day.

1988 People 4
Kryss (and Ken) with the Cortex family whom I stayed with.

1988 People 4
Kryss with Mayor Gerasmo and her family.

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