The 1983 Eclipse : Accounts

A collection of accounts and photos of the 1983 Eclipse sent to this web site by e-mail

Mel Harris

Received in 2005

well my heart went thump when i found your web site ......i too was in tuban that day you have already stated....... i remember meeting you very well . im mel the merchant seaman you have mentioned in your script.. i remember martin and giles i was with my friend brian i dont know if you remember him ........yes that day was brilliant the free beer got to me and i dropped my camera into the sea just before the eclipse ...but we stilled managed to get some photos with brians camera... iv still got my hat but lost the t shirt many years ago ?????? do you recall the music leading up to eclipse that was on the tv iv tried for years to find it ...dont even know what its called perhaps you do ????.. well this really has given me a real natural high seeing your pics and seeing my name... its made me all goosey.... well kryss i hope you recieve this e mail. ps where the hell has 22 years gone ...................................mel

KryssTal Reply: Hello Mel.

You are in my photo (I think) on the left - is that correct? Wonderful! As you see the 1983 eclipse was the first of many. We're going to Turkey in 2006. Fancy coming?

Are you still a seaman?

If you have any photos do send them. I'll write again soon.

hi kryss thats not me in the photo .although i remember all those pretty sure that we met up in kuta after ???????? yes i have plenty of pics especially me with the local girls who were giving out the friend brian who i still see has the eclipse i said i dropped my camera in the sea at the crucial moment.....still they say the best photo is the one in your mind and that never fades.......i can send you some pics you want me to download them and send them as an email ???? i have a scanner altho im not too good at it just yet...still learning... no i left the sea after 18 yrs... i still regret that deeply... and turkey sounds good... i still cant get over seeing your web site yesterday.... im on crutches at the mo so i cant get to brians and he dont have a phone....however i will send some of my pics ..... nice to get reply kryss bear with me for the pics... all the best mel southend on sea

KryssTal Reply: Hi Mel,

Yes send anything by email. Pictures of you and Brian - any of us - any of the eclipse. A re-union in Turkey would be good - I'll have to see if I can contact the others.

Take care.

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