Eleventh Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor

Played by Matt Smith as a hyperactive young fop. (from 2010). With Amy and Rory.

Story Location and Time Eps Companions Guests Villains
The Eleventh Hour Leadworth (England) 1996, 2008, 20101 AmyRory The Atraxi
First appearance of the Eleventh Doctor. A new TARDIS interior is introduced. A crack in space and time is introduced. Amy joins the Doctor.
The Beast Below Starship UK (a spaceship) 29th century1 AmyMandy
Liz 10
Victory of the Daleks London, Earth 19411 AmyWinston Churchill Daleks
The 20th Dalek story.
The Time of Angels
Flesh and Stone
Alfava Metraxis 10,000 BC2 AmyRiver Song
Father Octavian
Weeping Angels
The second appearance of "future companion" River Song. The second appearance of the Weeping Angels. The crack in space and time causes people to forget anyone it takes.
The Vampires of Venice Venice, Earth 15801 AmyRory
Amy's Choice The TARDIS and Earth 20151 Amy
  Dream Lord
The Doctor invites Rory to travel with him and Amy.
The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
Earth 20202 Amy
Nasreen Chaudry Silurians
Third appearance of the Silurians, the original reptilian inhabitants of the Earth. Rory becomes the fourth companion to die but Amy forgets him as he is absorbed by the crack in space and time.
Vincent and the Doctor Paris, Earth, 2010
Provence, Earth 1890
1 AmyVincent van Gogh Krafayis
The Lodger Colchester, Earth 20101 AmyCraig Owens  
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang
Britain, 102 AD
London, Earth, 2010
2 Amy
River Song Crack in space and time
The third appearance of "future companion" River Song. The crack in space and time is closed by the Doctor and reality (including Rory and Amy's family) is restored when Amy remembers him.
A Christmas Carol Unknown planet and time1 Amy
Abigail Kazran Sardick
The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon
USA, 19692 Amy
River Song
Future Doctor
Canton Everett Delaware III
The Silence
A version of the Eleventh Doctor 200 years older is killed by an unknown character. The fourth appearance of River Song. A young girl is seen regenerating.
The Curse of the Black Spot Earth pirate ship, 17th century1 Amy
Captain Avery The Siren
The Doctor's Wife Asteroid outside the Universe1 Amy
Idris House
The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People
Earth, 22nd century2 Amy
A Good Man Goes To War Demon's Run Asteroid Base1 Amy
River Song
Dorium Maldovar
Madame Kovarian
Headless Monks
The fifth appearance of River Song who is revealed to be Amy and Rory's daughter, Melody Pond.
Let's Kill Hitler Berlin, Earth 19381 Amy
Teselecta River Song
The sixth appearance of River Song who has been programmed to kill the Doctor.
Night Terrors Earth 20111 Amy
Tenza Child  
The Girl Who Waited Apalapucia1 Amy
This story features two Amys at different points in their time streams.
The God Complex Unknown1 Amy
  Mitotaur-like Creature
The Doctor returns Amy and Rory back to Earth, gifting them a house.
Closing Time Earth 20111  Craig Cybermen
The Wedding of River Song Utah, Earth 20111 Amy
River Song
The Silence
The Doctor simulates his death as he had become too well known with too many enemies.
Asylum of the Daleks The Asylum1 Amy
Oswin Oswald Daleks
The first appearance of Clara Oswald (known as Oswin Oswald), who would become a companion of the Doctor. She dies. This is the 21st Dalek story. Their knowledge about the Doctor is removed.
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Silurian Ark 23671 Amy
Queen Nefertiti
A Town Called Mercy Mercy, Earth 18th Century1 Amy
Kahler-Jex The Gunslinger
The Power of Three Earth 20121 Amy
Kate Stewart
The Shakri
Kate Stewart of UNIT is the daughter of Colonel Lrthbridge-Stewart, who is now dead.
The Angels Take Manhattan New York, Earth 2012, 19381 Amy
River Song Weeping Angels
The third appearance of the Weeping Angels, who send Amy and Rory back to the past where they live out their lives.
The Snowmen Earth 18421  Clara Oswin Oswald
Silurian, Madame Vastra
Jenny Flint
Sontaran, Strax
Great Intelligence
The third appearance of the Intelligence and the first for 44 years. This is the second appearance of Clara Oswald (a nanny called Clara Oswin Oswald) who dies at the end.
The Bells of Saint John Earth 1207
Earth 2013
1 Clara  Great Intelligence
The Doctor finds a third version of the Clara Oswald character in London, 2013. The fourth appearance of the Intelligence
The Rings of Akhaten Akhaten1 ClaraQueen of Years Mummy
Cold War Soviet submarine 19831 Clara  Ice Warrior, Grand Marshall Skaldak
The fifth appearance of the Ice Warriors and the first for 39 years.
Hide England 1974
Earth (beginning and end)
A pocket dimension
1 ClaraAlec Palmer and Emma Grayling
Hila Tacorian
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Salvage ship far future1 ClaraVan Baalen brothers  
The Crimson Horror England 18931 ClaraSilurian, Madame Vastra
Jenny Flint
Sontaran, Strax
Mrs Gillyflower and Mr Sweet
Nightmare in Silver Theme Park world far future1 ClaraAngie and Artie
The Name of the Doctor Trenzalore1 ClaraRiver Song
Silurian, Madame Vastra
Jenny Flint
Sontaran, Strax
War Doctor
Great Intelligence
Whisper Men
Clara enters the Doctor's time stream at his tomb and ends up saving his previous incarnations.
The Day of the Doctor England 2013
England 1592
1 ClaraTenth Doctor
War Doctor
Karen Stewart
50th anniversary story featuring the Tenth Doctor and the War Doctor. The second appearance of the Zygons and the first for 39 years. The 22nd Dalek story.

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