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Keith Roberts

Dear Sir or Madam,

Could you please verify something for me! I think the Worthington Cup prior to 1961 was called The Furness Cup and was donated by the Furness Shipyard, Haverton Hill, Stockton on Tees.

I think it was previously contested by inter-depatmental sides, such as Boilermakers, Plumbers, Electricians Etc. When the Shipyard closed I think the trophy was donated to the F.A. and became the Milk Cup before being renamed over the years. Could you please ascertain if this was so.

If it is, I can then brag to my grandson, that I once played for the Worthington Cup!!!!

Yours Sincerly

KryssTal Reply: I don't think so. The league Cup was devised by the League authorities in 1960. It did not become the Milk Cup until the 1980s.




Colin Bell

Just found this site (looking for the winner of the 1901 FA Cup, as it happens) and I noticed a comment for 1989: 'For the second consecutive season, Liverpool are denied the League and FA Cup double by a London club'. In fact, the same happened the following season as well - Liverpool were on course for the double until they lost in the FA Cup semi-final to Crystal Palace.



Can you tell me if any club has ever won four trophies within one season?

KryssTal Reply: Not in England.

In 1967, the Scottish club, Celtic, won the Championship, Scottish FA Cup, Scottish League Cup and the European Cup.


Mark Cundy


Can you explain to me how English clubs qualify for the UEFA Cup? I believe it is 4th 5th & 6th in the Premier League, winners of the League (Worthington) Cup and if they win the Inter-Toto Cup. What about the winners of the FA Cup?

If you can help- many thanks.

KryssTal Reply: Ha: This changes every year.

At present, the third team gets a chance to qualify for the so-called Champions' League. If they fail, the go into the UEFA Cup. The team in fourth place, the winners of the league Cup (now currently known as the Worthington Cup) and the winners of the FA Cup qualify for the UEFA Cup.

The Inter Toto gets a UEFA Cup place for the winners.


Thanks! I'll keep watching this space for next year's rules...

Anyway, Liverpool are (finally) looking good for Europe. Don't know if they'll get it this year, but hopefully Champion's League next year.



David Morling

I don't seem to be able to use the link to the 12 founder clubs of the Football League. Is there an error with the link or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

KryssTal Reply: Hello there

No error. The table has been removed. I now have league tables for all years so try the link below for the first league table.



John Harris

I was looking at the football facts part of your website, and looked at which cities won the most trophies. I would like to tell you West Bromwich, and particularly West Bromwich Albion, are not and have never been a part of Birmingham.

Thank you

KryssTal Reply: OOOOOOOps! So much for my geography!


Steve Edwards

I must say, a cracker of a site!

I have one suggestion though... could you do a section on the league cup of teams who appeared in a final but never won the competition!

anyway let me know what you think.

KryssTal Reply: Done

Cheers for including that new section under the league cup, it means my beloved Tranmere get a mention!

Another suggestion, is that I know its a big task but would you be up for a whole new section on Stadiums?? - there are no real decent sites on the web about grounds and if you were to do it, it would be very good !

Let me know wot you think anyway.


David CR Backham

I don't know quite how near you have to go, but in March/April 1988-9 Norwich were on the verge of doing the double leading the 1st division and in the FA Cup semi final. Then everything just collapsed, and they lost in the semi-final and eventually finished 4th in the league, but just five games earlier it was a real possibility.

KryssTal Reply: In my list I concentrate on clubs who won one trophy and came runners up in the other or came runners up in both. But yes I do remember that year. Nice club Norwich.


Mark Wade

Top quality site my son. From a true Londoner and Aresenal fan! Any suggestions where I can get tickets for some Arsenal games from - I've been a bit of an armchair supporter and I want to take my Ozzie brother-in-law.

Cheers mate.


Andy Pringle and Neil Fissler


We have just launched a website answering the question 'Where Are They Now?' - and it currently features more than 2,000 former players.

(don't ask Jeeves... ASK GREAVES!)

We hope that you like the idea and might agree to help develop this further. Any information that you can supply would be greatly appreciated and we are more than happy to provide a link to your site under every single entry that you supply.

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any comments, ideas, or if there are any areas of common interest.

Thanks in anticipation

KryssTal Reply: Done

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